13 Oct 2013


Little Blog of Horror, run by the-one-to-follow-on-Twitter Melissa Thomas as she delivers nothing but the best from the horror genre in both her website and on Twitter, this girl is one to look out for because she knows her horror shit!

A blog based on delivering nothing but the best in the horror genre, Little Blog of Horror is exactly that, a little blog filled with the goriest and supreme of the horror genre. Horror fans look no furthur, Female horror fans, why would you look anywere else? With a tagline as snappy as "Horror isn't just for guys" I don't understand how this wouldn't satisfy a female horror fan never mind a guy. The content is perfect and it's clear that Melissa (or @Horror_Junkie_ , for all you would want a good horror debate) has her finger on the pulse of what horror fans want to see, and it's refreshing to see a blog so dedicated to the content rather than the appearance (guilty), not saying it doesn't look good, it really does, but it's one of Wordpress' finest, so i'm sure you'd find the same theme plenty of other places.

To put it simply, I love it I love it I love it, I mean how could you not? It's great! Peeking over to see her view on the Sleepy Hollow series is what keeps me there. Downfall perhaps is the appearance and how there isn't a star rating, and maybe Melissa doesn't want any but with a good feminine horror rating, it could really pop the appearance of her blog. Great Blog!


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