20 Oct 2013


On my daily hunt for horror review sites I thought I would take a different root and type into the search box "Horror reviews Wordpress"; after a couple of page flicking and blog scanning I came to a halt at This is Horror, and to my surprise I was extremely pleased with what I was viewing - a generously crafted horror review site with a nasty taste for horror with a pleasantly strong after-taste. This is Horror was a treat.

I have never seen, nor heard of this blog before, so to find it and be pleased with the result was something that came as a joy, and in this case, it truly is a hidden gem for horror fans. News and reviews on Film, Books and events, This is Horror ticks a lot of the criteria that many horror blogs fail to follow, and like myself people who don't review books, those who enjoy a good gory read should check over here to see the juicy gossip This is Horror has to offer about it. It's refreshing to see a site that covers a lot of ground in the horror genre so even that alone is a reason for horror geeks to check this out.

It may be written with intelligence, but there is something strangely fun about the blog, and although it could be the appearance of it all, there is just something that's enjoyable about reading this; I haven't quite figured it out yet but something there makes it pop. It's not the best about, but finding the best may just be impossible. This is Horror is a straight-faced blog that delivers what we want whilst trimming away the bullshit, horror fans rejoice, you just found another horror blog to be hooked to.


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