27 Oct 2013


This is Cool, a blog dedicated to the latest in Sci-Fi and Horror is something well worth a look. I came across this a few weeks back, and ever since I have been stunned with the design and look This is Cool has to bring. Clearly inspired by SFX, this blog delivers sufficient blog design and reviews to present a blog that is aimed the one of the largest genre audiences; and thankfully the material does not disappoint.

It is all well and good when browsing through, and even though the reviews are welll-written they simply don't feel long enough to claim any fame within the critic world; however, they are a decent size for people like me who like reviews that cut the bullshit and get straight to the verdict, for others though this just may not cut it.

Aside from that bump I absolutely love This is Cool and it is indeed that, this blog is cool so they aren't lying with the title. The combination of stunning imagery, a decent star rating and snappy reviews makes a sci-fi/horror site that fans of those genre's should check out. I love it, and hopefully you will too as it's amazing.


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