2 Oct 2013

Could the New 'Friday The 13th' Be a Found-Footage Slasher?

Words has broke out and has spread like wildfire about the soon-to-be-happening sequel owned by Paramount that is Friday The 13th. Now, whether or not this news will go down like a led balloon with fans or not is still unknown, but this bizarre news of a found footage Jason Voorhees could either go really well or really bad for the franchise.

The idea sounds silly at first, it really does, and after all the he has been through with his supernatural powers, a step into realism may just be the worst possible thing to do. Having said that, and with this being a reboot of the series, this may actually work, and prove to be a new and fresh addition to the slasher sub-genre that is extremely rare to find. I haven't yet seen a found-footage slasher but it's different, and with the biggest cliches revolving around Jason, different may be good, and could prove to be a bold but successful turn of events.

I'm not a fan, so whatever the outcome is won't bother me, but I'm not a fan so I don't know how a fan would be feeling right now. Think of it this way, it could be really scary, but in that would mean the extinction of that 80's slasher nostalgia; fans, you may never get the best of both worlds, but you will definitely get a new Friday The 13th movie, be thankful for that.

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