7 Oct 2013


Director: Brian De Palma
Writer: Lawrence D. Cohen, Stephen King
Stars: Sissy Spacek, Piper Laurie, Amy Irving, John Travolta
Running Time: 98 mins
Sub-Genre's: Supernatural, Religious, Teen Horror, Classic
Release: 1976

Carrie White is a shy young girl who doesn't make friends easily. After her class mates taunt her about her horrified reaction to her totally unexpected first period one of them takes pity on her and gets Tommy Ross, her boyfriend and class hunk to invite Carrie to the senior prom. Meanwhile another girl who has been banned from the prom for her continued aggressive behavior is not as forgiving and plans a trick to embarrass Carrie in front of the whole school. What she doesn't realize is that Carrie is ... gifted, and you really don't want to get her angry.

Carrie, the 1976 horror classic that is getting a stylish remake that's to come very soon came to my attention yesterday as a Halloween horror, and although it's based around the prom I can't help but feel that this is the type of horror you'd give a whirl around the Halloween holidays. Having not seen this before I went in with a fresh mind, aware of a reboot, aware of the "Classic" title- I was not disappointed.

De Palma's Carrie is an optimistic, cinematic experience that looks at high school in the meanest of fashions, presenting it for what it is; a trashy teen playground were the disadvantaged become a mockery to the fortunate. Carrie is very much based around that, the awkward loner teen with the controlling mother and the look of a victim, little Carrie White may be the most sympathetic of all the horror victims, but she is also the most righteous and defiantly the most dangerous. Taking the shape of one of cinema's most iconic characters, Carrie White proves to be good in her evil, and her evil has a story, so she becomes one of the best faces in revenge horror.

The film is so packed with cinematic glory that it's hard to fault a film that achieves what it sets out to do, and although it takes its time getting to one of the most iconic final scenes in horror history, it's still filled with enough teen anguish and sensitive story telling to keep you engaged and to make you feel more than just the one emotion, by delivering a basket full of horror, pity, concern and  hysteria which is extremely rare to find in the modern horror experience.

You can see how this inspired many to come after it due to its visual flare, phenomenal storytelling and fleshed out characters, and although it didn't define the genre like Halloween, The Shining or The Exorcist, it still presented itself as one of the most original supernatural horror's in history, accompanied by one of the first anti-hero's in this style of film. It may take it's time to find its groove, but Carrie establishes it's central character and what she has to suffer from the get-go, so even if the story does not keep you engaged long enough until the prom scene, the character of Carrie and her story will surely make you feel something for the event, making that final scene all the worth while.

A short note here; the prom scene is absolutely breathe-taking, and all that lack of action will surely be made up for when the final reveal pours down your screen like pigs blood on Carrie; it gets messy people, real messy.

VERDICT: The flaws can be easily overlooked due to the well-executed character development, the superb central performance as a teen outcast from Sissy Spacek and a final scene that will have your heart-pounding and your mind screaming; Carrie does not live down to the 'Classic' label and will leave its mark as one of the most suspenseful and shocking supernatural horror's of all time.


  1. I'm glad you enjoyed this version of Carrie with fresh eyes. It is indeed a horror classic. The Prom scene alone is amazing. No other version will be able to match that

    1. Yeah I loved it way more than I thought I would, agree with your points here, now it's we play the waiting game to see if the remake matches it potential, most likely it won't



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