2 Oct 2013

'Scream: The Series' Will Head in the Supernatural Direction. What?!

So a couple of days ago news broke out about Harvey Weinstein pushing for Scream 5, and as good as all that news was, it has almost been spoiled by the latest news on the TV Series; that news being that MTV are pushing the Scream Series into the Supernatural direction... WHAT?!!

ohgod ohgod ohgod ohgod OHGOD! What did I just read?! So the news is that Scream will have a supernatural spin to it, and that news it NOT good at all! Now I know how Friday The 13th fans feel over the whole found-footage direction, but this is actually happening so every Ghostface fan (like me) has every right to be annoyed! I just don't see how this could possibly work, like at all! It's dumb, pathetic and extremely unnecessary, I don't understand why MTV would do this, but it better be god-damn good enough!

Phew, the rant is over; I am deeply upset with this news, let me know what you think of this (horrific) news in the comment box below!

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