15 Oct 2013

'Sleepy Hollow' Episode 1.05 "Jon Doe" Review

This week of Sleepy Hollow : Ichabod and Abbie are brought in when a mysterious boy is discovered. After speaking with him, they realize that something sinister is at work, so they travel to the boy's home in order to find his origins - and are shocked at what they find.
Episode five, Jon Doe was potential shaded in insecurity - it wanted to try something different but failed to commit to the act. As an episode it feels forced, unfocused and sloppy, and with the narrative these aspects are displayed with great vibrancy; the material is there, but the delivery reeks used method that it distracts from the focus of the show, leaving you think "why? huh? Has this got anything to do with the headless horsemesn? Why again?". It's all a little too scrappy for its own good.

Its lack of narrative thread leads to the absence of the intensity that made the previous episodes so intriguing, so were left with yet another half-baked mythology with a lack of intelligence and an appetite for stylistic B-Movie romps. It all feels like Contagion clashed with Sleepy Hollow, and on some terms that can be quiet refreshing, but in this case it all just feel's a little unnessessary.

Having said all of this, I do think there is a brave amount of potential in this episode, and although it's strength as a series is put to the test with this episode, I think it was something a little different from what has come before in the series. Inventive perhaps, Silly? Extremely. Jon Doe may shift the tone of the series, but the narrative must be held with intelligent precision in order to execute it to satisfaction, and this episode displays the narrative in an unwanted campy manner that out-do's the previous eps in the 'Who can be the silliest episode' award; It can be fun, but it can also become very silly.

VERDICT: It's a good episode I can give it that, but it's nothing compared to the ones that come before it, and it does tangle the mythology that is already in a tangle, causing more problems than solutions. I'm starting to lose hope for the series but hopefully things will start to shift in the right gear.

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