8 Oct 2013

'Sleepy Hollow' Episode 1.04 "The Lesser Key of Solomon" Review

Sleepy Hollow reaches its fourth episode this week with Fox in the US, and after the conformation of a Season 2 I am pretty sure this show is going down a blast with everyone else like it is with me. Unfortunately this weeks episode "The Lesser Key of Solomon" didn't deliver as strong as it could have which is a real shame, but to see some progression with the narrative is a refreshing sign considering we haven't seen it since back at the first episode; ouch.
Perhaps not as strong as it could have been on the front, Episode 4 delivers a well-rounded tale that gives us more for the mind as less for the eyes. Although a little more horror wouldn't have gone a miss here it was still refreshing to see an episode based entirely on moving the story forward, and for a show that has come to a halt in that department to deliver its Scooby-Doo tactics with the previous two episodes it's pretty good to see.

An episode dedicated mostly to the plot, we get a better look at the characters, and most importantly a look at the mysterious figure that is Jenny Mills; and although it isn't entirely clear what her intentions are it was still good to see a little development around that character and around the relationship between her and Abbie. As for Ichabod Crane, well, he is still the intelligent baboon he has always been, prancing around in the same outfit, coming out with the same twisted bull-crap none of us understand at this point, but he is great and hopefully he will remain to be that way.

VERDICT: The impact may be starting to deflate, but the story is starting to bulk up, presenting a more narrative-driven episode that skips the unnecessary horror and gets right to the much-needed details of the reveal. Perhaps the weakest episode so far, but with the narrative it's certainly the strongest. On a side note: When will Ichabod Crane ever change his outfit? I think not.

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