21 Oct 2013

The Walking Dead - Episode 4.02 "Infected" Review

Once again The Walking Dead is able to come back and prove that there is still a strong life in this undead show, and Season 4 Episode 2 'Infected' proves just that by injecting emotion subtle emotion back into the show that made the first season so infamous. Surpassing the first episode, Infected is living proof that the show is perfectly functioned to go back to what made the show so loved, and if you had doubts about this season due Season 3 (which I loved) then look no further  Season 4 has gone off with a bang, and at this rate it will only get better.

Starting off on full throttle, the episode starts immediately were the last left off, and although things don't get messy until 15 minutes in, the tension that is built from that point reaches an almost unbearable point, and sitting around whilst the makers toss back and forth in your face who's going to be bitten next becomes extremely unsettling, to a point were the thought of one of your favorite characters might get a little visit from a certain walker; Nerve-wrecking stuff.

We battle with the loss of a few characters who unfortunately didn't get enough air time to care for their deaths, and for that matter they all ended up being a bunch of faces I had never seen, so basically you get a furious scene of randoms dying in the goriest of ways. One scene in particular that proved that even the smallest of roles can get the tear-ducts working was the final goodbye of a Father who was bitten to his two daughters, one of which provided a surprisingly strong and emotional performance.

The story comes to an almost sudden halt, and all the slaughtering just seems like nothing, but this minor speed-bump doesn't interrupt the emotional depth of the episode, and the effectiveness stays true and strong until the end credits; with an ending like that I couldn't possibly see how you wouldn't want to watch next weeks episode. A fantastic little sub-plot is starting to grow and take dominance that involves one of the inmates feeding walkers, alongside something done at the ending that I wouldn't dare spoil. It's all very intense and all very fascinating, and thankfully it doesn't over-power us with the excessive gore and Rick saying "Stuff...things.", and although it wasn't presented with perfection, it was still a fantastically tense experience that makes the first episode look like a walk to the park.

Oh and on a side note; Why is Carl such a dick? Can he not keep his little trap shut for a change, no?

VERDICT: Episode 2 'Infected' is a strong, emotional and intense episode that proves there is still a strong life left in this series. The overall impact is nerve-shredding and the emotion is strong - Season 4 is already shaping up to be the best season yet; and after that ending I can't wait to see what next week has to offer.

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