14 Oct 2013

'The Walking Dead' Episode 4.01 "30 Days Without an Accident" Review

Yes folks that's right, The Walking Dead has returned finally to our screens to deliver us the weekly dose of great zombie action we have missed over the past few months, and all that gore-tastic zombie action is back on screens, and thankfully it is in fact better than ever. Premiering on AMC last night in the US and not hitting screens until Friday on Fox over here in the UK, I thought I would stick it on the big screen, pop open the Pringles and crack open a nice can of Coca-Cola to get the full effect of one of my favourite TV Shows of all time, The Walking Dead. The result was more than satisfying.

Starting off with the prison, showing us the gang, how far they have come, along with a various amount of faces without names; the prison has become a home, and to the return of Michonne, the gang go food-hunting, leaving Rick to his own devises in which he stumbles across an unwanted visitor. Things start to get (extremely) messy on the trip to the shopping mall, and as the group hunt for food they find themselves trapped by many walkers who found their way in.
The first episode of Season 4 is filled with nothing but the best in zombie action and suspense  and although this is all old news judging by Season one, two and three's first episode, I can safely say this is one of the best so far, hands down. Not a Walking Dead fan? then why are you here? A major fan like me? then 30 Days Without Infection should go down an absolute wonder as it's stacked with glorious gore, grizzly gruesomeness  chilling intensity and superb zombie scenes. It's fantastic, and if you love The Walking Dead I don't see how you couldn't think so either.

Rick and co. return to their good 'old selves, and with the vas majority of the survivors being strangers at this stage of the game, it's good to see a load of familiar faces, you know ones that don't have blood dripping from it's lips and flesh between its teeth (R.I.P Andrea, Shane, Laurie, Dale, Meryl, and the one and only T-Dogg). Getting an incite back into the lives of Rick, Michonne, Daryl, Maggie, Glenn and co. is refreshing, especially in a sea of characters who we have the littlest of sympathy for, and even when killing a few off in the opening ep, we can't help but feel they were just there to carry out a particular death. PS. Michonne smiles a lot in this episode, so savor that moment guys, SAVOR IT.

The violence is top notch which is expected, and injecting the show with a new burst of life is clearly the right choice  for the series. With some deeply intense sequences, combined with an amazing and frightening walker horde scene that involves them dropping like flies, it's very hard to spot were this episode went wrong, and with nearly every redeeming feature crisp with perfection, you can't help but feel The Walking Dead was injected with the superb life that made the original season so brilliant. There is a great deal of potential here, and it shows, so if you were on the fence about this show after last season then give this a whirl, it will not disappoint.

Note: Easy up on them CGI effects AMC please, it's good but not that good.

VERDICT: 30 Days Without Infection is a superb first episode that displays a great deal of enthusiasm for the series. Filled with nerve-shredding action, buckets of blood and a fresh narrative, Season 4 is already getting off to a wonderful start; let's just hope that it plays out like it began, and if so then we should look out for one of the best seasons yet.

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