7 Nov 2013

American Horror Story: Coven - Episode 3.05 "Burn, Witch. Burn!" Review

This Week on American Horror Story we got a zombie attack, some family ties, a visit to the burn's victim unit, Spalding playing with dolls (again) and a self-explanatory event even used in the title to top it all of. All of this is a combination that made one fun episode to watch.

This week on American Horror Story proved to be something of a gem, and the blend of fun zombie action and true motherly emotion makes for a fun yet touching episode that in my opinion proves to be the strongest of the lot. Starting off with the zombie scene, we see LaLaurie come to grips with her daughters death, and although their zombie form should be somewhat detracting when trying to empathize, LaLaurie looks past that an apologizes to an undead corpse looking for a little flesh to chew on; all of this waffle comes together with the theme, so after it's all over, her intimate talk with the glass eyed zombie daughter doesn't seem so stupid; just a little at this point. One scene in particular that hit all the right moves with me was the Walking Dead meets Evil Dead scene that saw Zoe tear her way through some zombies, spraying the yard with the foul blood; I found that scene both genius and entertainingly bonkers. It not only boasts it slapstick narrative, but it's one scene that would race the pulse of any right-minded horror fan. Good call Murphy.

We get to see a little more of the whole Cordelia getting a face-full of acid sub-plot, and although it stems some dark material, the moments with Lange prove to be something of a delicacy, handled with care to add more depth to Fiona to dig deeper past the evil exterior. Lange once again proves to be something of gem, she never fails to deliver a powerhouse performance. The further development of this character is baffling, and her beautiful act of bringing a still-born back to life shows the good within her; however, her plot to take down the lead Myrtle is devious but direct, and whether or not it was actually her who burnt the face of Cordelia I am unknown about yet, but knowing this show it will probably end up to be Nan. And as for the next supreme, well if Murphy is as predictable as he always is, then Zoe will be the one, but by the looks of things, Queenie will be the next to get the Fiona-treatment as she believes Queenie is the next supreme. Don't hurt my Queenie, her one liners are gold.

The episode takes the theme of Motherhood throughout, and we see LaLaurie and Fiona take on the lead as mother's like never before. Dominated by sheer enjoyment, it was refreshing to see a theme so delicate entered into this chaotic episode, and to see both lead come into their own as mother's was really nice to see. One breathtaking scene were Fiona resurrects a still born was great to watch, and her battle against Hank for her daughter showed redemption for the character. Both Lange and Bates were phenomenal in the mother-based scenes, but that is always the case.

Spalding, ah little Spalding you wonderful creature, how I love you ever so much. I adore Spalding as a character and despite his grueling appearance, you can't help for feel something for the speechless butler. I love the child-like approach to the character, and O'Hare plays all this off subtly, however, the whole Madison affair is very creepy, not in a pedophile way but just in a general form. Through the re-introduction of Misty Day who brings the crisped burnt Myrtle back to life after she is burnt at the stake, I think she could bring Madison back to life also, perhaps collecting her own collection of the dead. As for Kyle, well he is yet to be seen and quite frankly I couldn't care less as his mumbling Frankenstein character is plain pointless and annoying.

VERDICT: 'Burn Witch Burn' is outrageously fun whilst subtly touching, it is successful in delivering entertaining horror moments without skipping great character development an a final act that proves there is still a lot of bluffing behind the narrative. It all works in a fantastically campy way; Ash would be proud.


  1. I didn't like this episode as much as the previous one, but it was still fun! I don't think Fiona thinks Queenie is the next Supreme, I think she was just saying that to manipulate her.

    1. oh interesting, never thought of it that way; maybe she is making Queenie think she is so that when Fiona kills who she thinks is the best the blame would go on Queenie? I don't know but it's interesting that you pointed that out



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