15 Nov 2013

American Horror Story: Coven - Episode 3.06 "The Axeman Cometh" Review

This week on American Horror Story Coven a ghost from the past who has a kink for chopping girls with an axe is resurrected, Fiona is dealing with her illness and a snake within the coven is discovered. This week on AHS took for the less practical root, resulting in the development of another sub-plot that the series perhaps didn't need. The series seems to be taking that direction once again, which may be cause a few bumps along the way, and with Asylum suffering from the same unresolved problem, Coven could prove to iron out the unwanted creases previous seasons tripped over. Hopefully, Coven wont stumble like the previous season, and if the sub-plots are taken further, seeing a full explanation and tie-up would be great, with loose ends completely eliminated. Who knows, its Murphy, he may just end it in one big tangle.

This episode brought us the new character of The Axeman, and after the episode was introduced with a slice of his life back in early 19 hundreds, it became extremely obvious that he was going to make an appearance in episode 6. The show is predictable like that, it blatantly tells you what is going to take place in the episode, so we sit back and wait for it all to happen. The surprise does be there, but in this episode, it really isn't, so the predictable beat becomes, well... predictable. Although this sub-plot resulted in an interesting one by the end, it still feels woefully unnecessary. The end that involved him talking up Fiona at the bar was classy, swift and deliciously evil; will he try and kill her? Will she fall for him after claiming she wants that one love? Will she kill him? Who knows, but hopefully it won't drag out too long were it all becomes irrelevant.

Hank came into his own in this episode a little more, and his screen time doesn't justify that, but the reveal of him being sent to kill the witches by Laveau. I did not see this reveal coming, and personally, I thought the idea of a man killing girls for fun was better; then again, that's what the Axeman is for. Clearly Hank won't get very far, but not without taking out a member, that would be my guess. Cordelia's anger towards him could lead to her killing him in an attempt to save her own life, or, he could end up killing the vulnerable Cordelia. All bets are off really, but Fiona may just be the one who ends his life, and that, won't be a big loss. 

Kyle (aka Frankenstein) makes his unfortunate return, causing even more unwelcome havoc in Misty Day's workplace. Again, I make the point that this sub-plot is at a dead end and cannot simply go any further. It's dumb, dragged and weak, Misty needs to end his life (if possible) and let the show continue on it's brilliant track. On the upside, we seen the resurrection of Madison, and hopefully her snappy attitude will be back and better than ever. This however may but Fiona in quite a pickle if Madison remembers just what happened, and that may result in Fiona taking the life of Madison once again if needs be. It's interesting to think of the endless possibilities of what could happen, and as long as Zoe doesn't rain supreme then this will end on a high note. Spalding feels pain in this episode at the hands of the Coven gals, and him taking the fall for Fiona is charming; Zoe and co. are smart enough to know otherwise, so Fiona may just get stuck between a rock and a hard place. We may wait and see, as the Axeman has her now.

VERDICT: 'The Axeman Cometh' may slack in narrative compared to the rest of the season, but there is enough snappy humor and emotion to give this episode the spice it needs to compete with the rest of the season. Not the best, but not the worst.

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