24 Nov 2013

American Horror Story: Coven - Episode 3.07 "The Dead" Review

This week on American Horror Story Coven we seen the jazzman that is the axeman get a little more intimate with Fiona who, by the looks of things isn't taking this whole cancer thing well. We see the newly risen Madison struggle with being a walking corpse and watch her grow a bond with a certain someone, and finally Queenie and LaLaurie's relationship grow, to an extent were horrible things are revealed and prices have to be payed for them.

This week a cover for Entertainment Weekly showed Angela Bassett's Laveau holding the decapitated head of Kathy Bates' LaLaurie. Now, this could either be nothing at all or a major spoiler, but it was released in the latest issue of Entertainment Weekly so it was there for the world to see. Anyways, judging by the way this episode ended, this picture may just indicate the future for Bates character. Hopefully, we will get to see more of Bates on Coven, but the latest episode proves that she, LaLaurie deserves everything she is going to get. Episode 7 'The Dead' was perhaps one of the weirdest episodes of the season so far, and although the season in a whole has been pretty wacky, this episode sort of pushed the envelop to deliver something both fascinating and disturbing to watch. If corpse sex, a corpse three-way, some baby face cleaner and stalking origins isn't weird then I don't know what is.

This week we got to see a lot more of the story between Fiona and the Axeman, and the romance that blossomed between the pair that was shot down soon after a certain reveal. Well, having this sort of twisted romance adjusted the tone of the show a little which I found unusual, and the campy theme that made the show so great is starting to fade, and a serious tone is starting to take over. This is completely fine in the world of AHS, but this tonal shift pulls you out of the moment, and the show just isn't as enjoyable as it was. Me saying this doesn't mean I like the show any less, I mean it's still a great show, but I loved it more when it wasn't afraid to play around and bath in its own ludicrousness. Now, it seems to be a little too serious for its own good, and this sub-plot with Fiona and the one with Kyle is only slowing the show down. I don't know about you but Fiona seems to be softening a little, which is logical considering her cancer scare, but I want to see her kill her way through the Coven in search for the next supreme; that's the Fiona I loved, not this one.

This far into the game it's aloud to do what it wants, and this episode proves that exactly; I mean were else would you see one resurrected corpse banging the other up against a wardrobe. It's completely bonkers in all the right ways. Murphy however should stop with the sexual violence cause that is just starting to become really nasty. What makes episode 7 so good is the vigorous change in gear with the Queenie and LaLaurie sub-plot which ends in the worst possibly way. I can appreciate that LaLaurie is a horrible woman, and as much as I love Queenie, I can't help but feel that her doings were somewhat wrong. Sure, LaLaurie used her slaves baby to keep her face young, and yes Queenie is one with Laveau, but that spark among the pair that was coming into its own, but in the end up, LaLaurie is just going to have to pay for what she has done, and that seems necessary. I love how Queenie is joining Laveau, and I can't wait to see how things are going to turn of with Queenie and the Coven.

VERDICT: The episode in general was a strong one, and although it took a few awkward turns, it proved to be an effective character display for the better and the worst.

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