27 Nov 2013

Danny Boyle Confirming that '28 Months Later' is Not Happening...

At attendance at this years Foyle Film Festival, Danny Boyle and Frank Cottrell Boyce did a Q&A for fans of the pair, and after a few audience questions, one guy came out with "Are you planning on making 28 Months Later?"

Boyle's reply indicated that there will be no 20 Months Later any time soon, if ever, but there was talks about it not long ago. "Well, we were planning on doing 20 Months Later with an idea developed, but with The Walking Dead and World War Z changing the face of zombie horror, we felt there was no space for 20 Months Later in today's sub-genre."

I absolutely love 20 Days & Weeks Later, but I love The Walking Dead more, so to hear that the soul reason for not making the sequel was because how both The Walking Dead and World War Z changed the look of zombies is a little upsetting. He has a point though, 20 Days Later basically invented the running zombie, and now all that is irrelevant. A shame really, it deserves another film.


  1. Fuck you Danny Boyle

  2. make it as there was no ending it needs a ending



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