17 Nov 2013

[FEATURE] 10 Remakes That Worked

This is a list of 10 Remakes that proved that there isn't a dark cloud over the sub-genre. This list is in no specific order from best to worst, but is just 10 remakes that horror fans should give a go in order to restore their faith in the sub-genre.

Evil Dead (2013)
Before Evil Dead was released back in April, the whole fan base basically went nuts at the fact that this film was possibly going to murder the franchise. The whole idea of the comedic element being removed was an idea to have never been thought, even though the first two were unintentionally funny (Evil Dead fans are strange...). Luckily however, Evil Dead proved to be an absolute blast, and dropkicked all those who said wrong against to prove that it didn't need dumb comedy to make an outrageously brilliant gore-fest that could stand up-right and proud beside the original film. It may not be better than The Evil Dead 2, but it definitely one-up's the original.

Night of the Living Dead (1990)
The original Night of the Living Dead has been redeemed one of the greatest zombie films of all time, and as much as I disagree with that label, I found the remake much more stimulating and, well, the better film. Many will agree, but Savini's The Night of the Living Dead is a fun, scary and tense experience that proved that much can be done with minimal storytelling. Yes the original did the exact same, but this version just hits the right notes for me, not to mention the fact that there is enough juicy gore and hillbilly taunting to inject the film with some fun elements. I love it, simple as that.

The Thing (1982)
John Carpenter's The Thing may not be better than Halloween, but this big budget flick is ludicrously haunting and unusually entertaining. The practical effects make it work, and would easily but today's work to shame, and although this isn't exactly what I would call a "good time", there is enough sci-fi cartwheels to keep both alien, and horror fans extremely happy. That scene were the man goes to use the defibrillator on the other, to find that his stomach opens up and chews his arms right off gets me every time.

Maniac (2013)
Maniac, starring Elijah Wood is a fantastic gory romp that would send a few shivers down your spine after watching the 'oul hair being torn of the scalp a few times. The film is twisted and disgusting but in the best way possible, and although it tests your stomach strength, you can always enjoy the psychotic theme to it. Well, at least I think you can anyways.

Dawn of the Dead (2004)
Again, another zombie remake that worked, Possibly one of Zack Snyder's only good film, Dawn of the Dead successfully blends effective scares, stomach-churning gore and fast tension to make a supreme zombie action film. Resident Evil should have took a leaf out of this book, because this is a flesh-eating action horror done right.

Silent Night (2012)
Silent Night, the remake of the festive 80's flick Silent Night, Deadly Night isn't exactly a brilliant film by any means, in fact it's pretty average; but it's got balls and it's not afraid to use them. Silent Night may not be the best slasher about, but it proves to be thoroughly entertaining, and the effective blend of nostalgia and gore makes for a surprisingly fun slasher that all who are sick of watching kids films on Christmas should watch. It's something different, and I like different, not to mention the fact that it's better than the original.

The Hills Have Eyes (2006)
Anyone who has seen this version of The Hills Have Eyes know just how sickly brilliant it is. The fun yest disturbing approach makes for a horrible film experience, but for all the good reasons. No film of this sub-genre has been so committed since Cannibal Holocaust, and not even that could capture the fast ruthless pace of this remake. If you haven't seen it then make it your mission to watch it now.

Invasion of the Body Snatchers (1978)
Invasion of the Body Snatchers (1978) not only has one of the most shocking endings in horror history, but the overall theme of isolation and anxiety is baffling and amazing. That moment were he turns around at the very end screeching the deadly screech is chilling and shocking, almost like the film in a whole.

Halloween (2007)
Rob Zombie's Halloween doesn't even come close to matching the masterful style of John Carpenter's classic, and although this film has received a lot of hate from fans, but as a fan myself, I can appreciate what this version has to bring, and that is the fantastic first act that shows the origins of Myers demonic behavior. I love how it shows the different stages Michael Myers goes through, and it all adds to the true evil behind Myers. Common, you have to at least appreciate that...

The Crazies (2010)
2010's The Crazies took a different approach from Romero's original, and instead showed this crazy infection through the eyes of humanity, not the soldiers. This clearly proved to be the most effective choice, as The Crazies is an intense, chilling affair that knows a thing or two about thrilling an audience. It takes a step into a different direction to present something rarely seen in the horror genre, and this strikes innovation. A fantastic film in its own right.


  1. Cool list! I was actually going to do something like this, only limit mine to 5 movies. 'The Hills have Eyes' are there too, such a disturbing film.

    1. Thanks sati! I love that remake, it's fantastically horrid. Yeah do, I'd be interested in seeing your list



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