7 Nov 2013

Sleepy Hollow - Episode 1.06 "The Sin Eater" Review

Sleepy Hollow returned this week, albeit not much of a return - The show proves to become tedious with progression, and it's over-complicated plot just makes the show at this stage look arrogant, and not smart. The show has come a long way, and unfortunately not for this best; Sleepy Hollow is visible proof of a show that can't handle the name, and sadly it only seems to be going downhill from here. Let's hope not, I still need to finish the season.

Once again, Sleepy Hollow suffers from a stuffed narrative, and we feel as if the writers are trying to out do us yet again, presenting yet another crammed sub-plot that means little to the overall narrative, characters and events. At this point it's all starting to get a little tiring, and it's starting to come across more arrogant than smart; we get it, you are trying to do a smart horror show but not to an extent were we wonder off when the characters start to talk a lot of gibberish we don't understand. I'm not surprised, so I won't be shocked when the show reaches utter pointlessness and stupidity that the plot just becomes one big untangled knot.

I was very disappointed this week with the result of the episode, and for another time it's feeling a lot like a Scooby-Doo skit rather than a substantial TV horror show. Everything is starting to get a little lazy; we get longer (boring) dialogue explanation scenes, shorter action scenes and nearly no sign of a headless horseman. This show calls for patients, and that is something I can't give at this point.

In saying this, it's good to see the growth between Crane and Abby, and a touching almost romantic scene between the pair before he drinks the poison to rid the horseman from him really spices things up for the show; romance is that last thing we want to see in this type of show, but I find it quite interesting for a change. I like the connection between the pair, and the sooner they bump uglies and Crane forgets all about the irritating Katrina the better.

VERDICT: Sleepy Hollow is providing to be one of 2013's biggest hit and miss, and with this episode proving that the series seems to be going downhill, it's clumsy intelligence and fumbling plot is stopping this show from developing any further.

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