4 Nov 2013

The Walking Dead - Episode 4.04 "Indifference" Review

Once again and from now on in I will be doing Spoiler reviews of all TV episodes, so consider yourself warned as this review, and any of Walking Dead, American Horror Story etc. reviews will all contains major spoilers. Got that covered? Ok let’s move on. Episode 4 of The Walking Dead ‘Indifference’ may not answer some of the lingering questions we perhaps need, but it proves to have a strong impact, proving that the season has not yet failed to deliver something worth gossiping about.

This week proved to balance both the epic zombie sequences with a true tale of what's right and what's wrong; It may not be the best of the season so far, but the strong character development and performances make up for the lack of structure. This is a Carol and Rick dominated episode, and as much as it's refreshing to see the gang of Tyreese, Michonne, Daryl and Ben, the emotional shifts between Carol and Rick make for a strong dominating episode that's end result is subtle, shocking and characteristically evolving.

Emotionally driven, 'Indifference' shows exactly that, the indifference between Rick and Carol, and before the episode has come to an end you will find yourself in a battle for standing for who is right and who's wrong. Although this episode features a lot of nasty walkers, there is something about the Rick/Carol relationship that dominates the overall episode. We get to see Carol go stronger and Rick get weaker, and the leadership that Rick once employed has now rubbed off on Carol, changing her from an emotional unfit survivor, to a post-apocalyptic grown woman who knows how to defend what's right and what's wrong. She becomes the voice of the episode, and despite the fact of the injustice of her act towards Karen, Rick proves to be the enemy, steering the episode into an unexpected conclusion that will surely split audiences.

Episode 4 manages to present some epic zombie sequences, but the episode seems to be driven by the powerhouse performances from both Lincoln and McBride who add further depth to their characters, making for a emotional, strong character episode. Carol becomes the dominant character here, and proves a good point against Rick's hypocritical actions; She has adapted to the surroundings and has learned to be the better survivor, also proving to be the stronger leader, whilst Rick has softened with death, and has become lost the leadership traits he has once adapted; he thinks only of his family which weakens him, and his choice to make Carol leave is to defend his family and not the group. In saying this, he could be saving her from death of Tyreese who I'd imagine wouldn't take the news of Carol killing Karen very easy. Daryl on the other hand could just as easy come face to face with Rick over his weak decisions; all I know is that his decision with effectively split the group, for and against Rick.

The ending that saw Carol making her departure had a strong emotional impact, but it in someway proves right as we see through the episode that Carol is loosing her humanity; yes, she is fighting for what's right, but saying her daughter Sophia is now just a slideshow of life is something that strikes coldness within her. When Lizzy identically calls her "Mom" we see her defensive, cold interior crack through as she shoots down Lizzy's affection towards her, yet when the new hippy survivors (who's names I forget) ask about family she replies with "I have 2 daughters, one is sick", isn't that all a little strange? Anyways, it doesn't matter at this stage as we see Carol say he goodbye, and it was a subtle one at that. I am sad to see her go as she was starting to evolve into a character worth watching; However, I have a strange feeling she will pop back up somewhere, with The Governor? Will she make her way back to the prison? Maybe, only time will tell.

The scenes between Daryl and the gang prove to be very strong and nerve-wrecking as the group find themselves in a few awkward situations every now and again. One of the strongest aspects of the episode was the reveal of the alcohol Bob was sneaking, seeing Bob explain his addiction to Daryl pouring his heart out, to his fight for the bag of medicine presented him as a wounded hero, but the reveal of the alcohol within the bag and the country-boy square up between him and Daryl made for a surprisingly tense moment. Daryl is good so him leaving Bob alone was no surprise, however, there seems to be something there between Daryl and Michonne, I don't know maybe i'm wrong but i'd like to see it. Just me?

VERDICT: There were a lot of strong elements in this episode, and it may not be the strongest of the season yet, but with its great characterization, subtle emotion and surprise ending, this proves that The Walking Dead is still able to deliver a subtle, powerful episode whilst managing to capture some great zombie moments.

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