12 Nov 2013

The Walking Dead - Episode 4.05 "Internment" Review

This Week on The Walking Dead we got one hell of a treat. There was a severe zombie outbreak, a flue crisis, and Hershel's good deeds coming back to bite him in the ass. Prepare yourselves viewers, as you are in for the best episode of the Season, perhaps best episode of all time. Well, I wouldn't go that far but you know what I mean; take my word for it, it's all kinds of great.

This season has come a long way from the last, and it's great to the series back to it's best, only this time around, we get bigger tension, bigger hordes and bigger death possibilities. Episode 5 'Internment' already proves to be the strongest episode of Season 4, and if can prove to top this which at this rate looks possible, then fans are in for one of the best seasons yet.

The episode follows Hershel's journey, helping the sick within the prison, but at this stage those who were infected are starting to reach death point. After a few reach infection, Sasha and Glenn start to get worse, to a point were their lives are in danger. The area of the sick starts to get over-run by walkers, and Hershel fight to save the unharmed whilst Glenn fights for his last breath. In a panicked mode, Maggie bursts through to the infected zone to save her father, and before near death they manage to save Glenn, whilst keeping Lizzie, Sasha and others safe from harm. Meanwhile, Rick and Carl help secure the fences from the walkers, but when the logs keeping the fences stable start to break, the fences cave in, pouring the walkers through the prison area; both Rick and Carl fight to save the prison, and after killing all the zombies, Michonne, Daryl, Bobby and Tyreese arrive back with the medical supplies; The Governor stands and watches.

Internment proved to be one of the most intense episodes of The Walking Dead, and despite its slow start, the rapid pace soon kicks in, and the tension soon builds to an almost unbearable extent as we watch each character find themselves in life-taking pediments. What the creators have done with the characters in this is fantastic, and the impending doom of each character keeps the tension high, and the action ever so effective. Whilst watching, you can't help but picture what character is getting the boot. Hershel, The caring man who literally fights for his survival? Maggie, The love-struck woman who breaks the glass of separation to go into a room of infected to save Glenn and her father? Sasha, the weak, near-death woman who is fighting to stay alive with the flu? Or Glenn, the blood-gargling survivor who is fighting his death long enough for Hershel to help. All this content is juggled before our very eyes, and although the outcome is beneficial and all is well, the death of Glenn could have caused a huge impact for the episode, and would have made this a lot stronger than what it was; despite the end reveal.

Most of the episode was dominated by the strong flu plot, but the intensity was built upon with the nerve-shredding scene that showed the walkers breaking through the fences. Both Lincoln and Riggs are brilliant in this scene, as are the rest of the cast in the others, but the development of both characters that show Ricktatorship against Carl using guns comes with a full impact here, and as Carl starts to pick the walkers off much better than Rick himself, the loss of humanity towards Carl can be seen through the subtle actions of Rick. He is witnessing his son become a cold-blooded killer, he is watching him take out these walkers without the slightest affection, in fact, he is watching him do it as more carelessly as himself. Regret clearly floods him here, and his leadership starts to take position once again; yes it was necessary, but he is loosing Carl again through his own will-power. This again reflects on Rick's leadership skills and as a father to Carl. The look he gives as Carl walks around kicking and shooting grounded walkers is great, and indicates that this relationship is going to crash; let's hope it's sooner rather than later.

To top off a superb episode, we see the reveal of the twisted Governor as he stands and watches the group reuniting outside the prison. This short moment was absolutely breath-taking, in the sense that we know that evil is back, and judging by the look on his face, vengeance is on the table. Whether or not it will be good for the show to bring The Governor back is yet unknown as it seems to be running well with its back-to-basics approach that made the first season so great, but either way, he will prove to be a serious threat once again, and that I am excited for. The preview for next week has me excited, and now, we might actually see where he has been. My guess is that someone for the group with pay for Rick's decisions and face torture and death; perhaps made to turn into a walker then sent into the group? Either way, Carl is not safe, and although he won't die anytime soon, someone from the group will, and certainly at the hands of The Governor. On a side note - I can't wait to see Daryl's reaction to Rick's decision to let Carol go, and as for Maggie agreeing with his decision, well I think she will soon doubt it.

VERDICT: Internment is already one of the strongest episodes of the Season as well as the Series, and with it's heart-pounding tension and ruthless aggression, Episode 5 proves to be the most ambitiously vicious of them all; the ending is just the icing on one delicious cake.

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