30 Nov 2013

The Walking Dead - Episode 4.07 "Dead Weight"

This week on The Walking Dead seen more of the survival of The Governor and less of the prison. We got an insight into the new group he joined, and although all seems well and good when he is pleasant, the genuine side to him shows as his evilness lurks the camp.

The Governor and Megan are rescued from the pit by Martinez, who is now in charge of a small camp of survivors. He, Lilly and Megan are living in a rundown trailer and Martinez has made it clear that he's in charge, not the Governor. As time goes by, the Governor decides that the leadership of the group is dangerously weak. He's tries to leave bur realizes that taking control of his new surroundings is likely the better course of action. He realizes they will all have to relocate and he knows exactly where they should resettle.

There has been a major tonal shift in TWD, it going from being absolutely epic to calm and subtracted. If you thought maybe the gears would change from last episode which it did slightly, then think again, because this is another episode based around The Governor, which means another episode with mindless characters and pointless deaths. The episode in general feels a little too pointless for its own good - I liked it, but it just felt like a waste. Something a little more about the recovery of the prison folk would have gone a long way here; The Gov didn't need a second solo episode, not at all. Although, it does let us see his delicious darkness shine through.

The characters are basic cliches, and don't actually live too long to get any sort of development. Fair enough, this is a bad quality, and TWD has a bad habit of doing so, but what else can we expect really from this non-linear story that clearly results in The Gov fucking them over. His little posy don't come into their own as much either, and actually shape up to look a lot like Andrea and Sophia. Is The Walking Dead starting to repeat itself? Maybe, but the twists of this episode make it easy to forget. Dead Weight shapes up to become something quite substantial. The basic display soon turns into a sadistic game as The Governor (or  Brian.Shhh!) takes down all those who even have the slightest inkling of leadership. Poor fellows, both Martinez and Pete never seen it coming, one being thrown into a pit of zombies for an appetizer after getting hit with a golf-club, and the other killed and thrown in the lake were he is currently trying to get to the surface in walker-form. It plays around with predictability, and no matter how many times the evil side is exposed, his cold acts shock you each time. Its a delicate matter, but thankfully it's over and done with now.

On a side note, that ending was fantastic, the way it set-up the next episode was superb, and the image of The Governor pointing his gun right at Michonne was haunting yet superb. Being excited for next week is an understatement, but let's just hope it does the build up justice.

VERDICT: Dead Weight is pointless and flat, but it's also unusually fun and unpredictable. Another episode based around The Governor hits the bottom of the pile in the series, but thankfully it ended in a way were the next episode just couldn't come quick enough. The ending sets up for a superb mid-season finale... hopefully.

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