5 Nov 2013

Yes this is Really True. Saw VIII is Happening!

Lionsgate is active in developing another sequel to the endured Saw Franchise, and even though it has been three years since the previous, it looks as if Saw VIII (which is 8 if you didn't already know) is going to happen! Yes you heard right; Lionsgate want Saw 8 to happen!!

Horror has gone back to its great form after the Saw franchise had ended, and now they are forcing unwanted torture-porn back into our lives! Personally, Lionsgate should focus on bigger, better things rather than wanting to make a movie just for the sake of the big bucks. Let's be honest, the Saw Franchise has run dry, that ship has sailed; we don't want it, fans probably do but those who are sane enough to see right through the gut-soaked franchise will know just how bad it is. Bury the hatchet Lionsgate, and what ever you do, DON'T make it in 3D! Judging by your past record you will probably go ahead and do so anyways.

If this franchise wants to find its roots again then go ahead, but if it comes back delivering the same old tedious crap then you won't be getting my money.


  1. They need to just quit it with this franchise. It practically ended once Chester Bunnington got involved with it.

  2. Will this ever end..! The Saw franchise has definitely over-stayed is welcome. I thought the first film was inspired and have enjoyed some of the sequels but I gave up after the 5th.



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