8 Dec 2013

American Horror Story: Coven - Episode 3.08 "The Sacred Taking"

American Horror Story returned after a couple of weeks of absents, and to be honest, it did go a miss. Not having my weekly dose of campy horror really took a tole on me, but with The Walking Dead being as intense as ever, it kind of took my mind off the lack of AHS. This week wasn't as strong as it could have been, but none-the-less was still a fun episode. With Fiona struggling to cope with the effects of her medication, the rest of the coven undertake a ritual known as the "sacred taking" to prepare for the next supreme. However Fiona must take her own life if the ritual is to be a success.

Starting with Queenie, who know seems to lead a darker side from her past as she goes around chopping guys up, stealing their hearts. Queenie, being the almost comic-relief of the piece now becoming the dark one is a strange set-up for the show, but having Madison back delivering some hilarious one-liners keeps the comedy golden, and her line to Nan "Your pits smell of fish-sticks" really made me laugh, perhaps more than I should have. The show in general is almost following the behavior of Queenie - bright and fun at the beginning, then it started to lack towards the middle (were Queenie was sick), and now, it's just taken a turn for sadistic and has replaced the campy quality with sheer feminine viciousness. It's all good when you see the bitchiness come into its own.

A return to form may be what this show needs right now, but the direction it's taking is working to its favor also; I just can't get enough of these woman turning against each other  it's brilliant. Having the plot revolve around Fiona again is great to watch, but a lack of LaLaurie and Laveau really slows things down. Perhaps a little more of them would have made a vast improvement to the episode as there screen-time is minimum, and by the time they do come into their own, the show just goes and kills off one of their best characters LaLaurie just like that! I don't know what the writers were thinking here, but judging by Misty's ability, I reckon her head with be back on in no time.

Once again, sexual violence is in use, although this time it is taken differently, and is displayed as just simple abuse between a mother and her son. I don't like what they did here and the craft behind the idea plays too much like Carrie and not enough like American Horror Story. The religious abusive mother gig has been done a million times before, and has been done better a million times as well, it may all be part of the overall affect of the episode and benefits to Nan's character development, but I found it quite forced and unnecessary. The end, resulting in the death of both the mother and son comes to no surprise  and no effect either, so were just left with two deaths that i'm sure none of us care for. Misty bringing the mother back to life at the hands of Fiona is a different story though, and proves quite interesting in why she has done so. By the end, 'The Sacred Taking' proves to be an interesting episode that plays with each character, molding them in way we didn't expect. Sure, Fiona survived in the end up, but that moment were we thought we seen the last of her was startling. I am willing to lose on central character, but I am not down with letting them kill of Fiona; no way-hosey 

VERDICT: The Sacred Taking may not restore the show back to its campy fun roots, but it does add some nasty new elements that we can get used to loving. Playing with predictions, Episode 8 twists the knife, proving that you can never actually expect what American Horror Story is going to pull out of the bag, and that is enough to please me.

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