24 Jan 2014

New 'The Walking Dead Season 4' Preview Displays the Dark Tracks the Show will be Following

Season 4 is set to return on the 9th of February, and what a way to celebrate so by releasing a 4 minute long preview that is enough to make any fan drool at the mouth. This featurette is brilliant, and it presents enough goods to just make you want to hibernate until the date of the return. Hopefully the second half won't take a turn for the worst just like Coven, but I highly doubt that will happen as Kirkman and co. know when to kill off a character and not to bring them back every 5 minutes. Ryan Murphy needs to get his shit together because he is loosing his game by the episode.

Anyways, here is the fantastic preview below. Ps. fans, make sure your mouth is closed to stop yourself from drooling all over your keyboard.


  1. I just can't wait until new episodes starts on february! The Walking dead is great horror series! @ http://jake.suntuubi.com/

    1. Yeah it really is and sometimes I can't even control my excitement



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