1 Feb 2014

American Horror Story: Coven - Episode 3.12 "The Seven Wonders" Review

Who's the Next Supreme?

In the season Finale of American Horror Story Coven, we finally seen the new Supreme rise, but whether it was shocking or not, predictable or unexpected it still made for a remotely shocking episode.

Who was the next supreme? Well, let's just say the reveal was more predictable than all that, and had less of an impact than it initially deserved. It didn't deserve it now of course as Murphy and co. just shit all over the series as soon as Laveau joined the coven. He completely ruined it, and what should have been an awesome final act actually proved to be one of a whimper and not a bang. So you know what, I'm just going to come out and say it - Cordelia proved to be the next supreme. Yes, the one who bitched and moaned the entire series, the one who was absolutely good for nothing accept from constantly being able to regain her sight each time she felt the need to poke out an eyeball of hers.

Ok I get it, Zoey was too predictable, which meant that Misty was too predictable, which then led to Queenie being too predictable so to be honest it seemed to be the only choice left that wasn't entirely predictable; I was actually sitting waiting for Nan to rise again and become it as that seemed to be a recurring theme for the show, but that never happened so we shall move on swiftly. It was extremely obvious that Madison wasn't getting it, but after the highly amusing death of Zoe who teleports herself through a sharp fence, it made me want the next supreme to be Madison; Now that definitely would have been a shocker.

The Seven Wonders contained some strong elements, and the Madison and Queenie character were as witty as ever (as well as Zoey being as annoying as ever), and knowing that all bets are off even though Murphy took that literally about 10 episodes back, it was inevitable that most if not all characters were going to meet their demise; this time with no returning *cough* with the exception of Zoey *cough*. I was expecting a little more than something that looked as if it was pulled out of the Olympics for witches but that seemed to be the only direction left to go for the show. With the added bonus of the odd surprise, Coven's Season Finale wrapped up the show well considering the condition it was in, but I won't be rushing ahead to get this Season, nor will I praise it for being the weakest season yet.

VERDICT: Coven comes to a wrap with a satisfactory way to end a series the slowly dipped into complete and utter nonsense. But, I enjoyed this episode as I did the season, and regardless of the predictability of who the supreme was, I think I can say that it was a decent way to end the Season. Coven however, has no match on Murder House or even Asylum.


  1. This season has become such a hot mess. It started off so good but became so terrible during the middle. However, I liked the last episode.
    Looking forward to next season.

    1. completely agree, it was so strong and fun, and then it just started getting messy and dumb. Thank god it has ended but my hope for AHS isn't strong



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