17 Feb 2014

Review - The Walking Dead 4.10 "Inmates"

"If you Don't have Hope, What's the point in Living?"

The survivors of the prison assault must decide to survive on their own or try reuniting with each other.

Episode 10 'Inmates' proved to be a thought-provoking one, not in the sense that it's smart which it kinda is, but in the sense that it gets those gears in your brain functioning, making you stir up thoughts on the future of each of these characters, what will happen to them, and most of all what they will become (hint hint). Be prepared for Spoiler ahoy as I dive into the deep end and talk about all those moments that got me engaged in the story, and I mean all the best stuff is spoiler material so if you don't like it turn the other way. Let's continue shall we?

Episode 10 jumped right back to the destruction of the prison and continued from after the havoc, only this time we open with different characters, something that then takes shape after every advert. Firstly, we open to the moaning of two little girls Lizzie and Mika who follow Mr. Daddy Daycare that is Tyreese who is cradling little baby Judith who by the looks of things is far from dead (predictable, I know). They encounter problems along the way, but nothing compares to the return of Carol who comes to save the day when Tyreese's hand become a little too full. It was refreshing to see the return of the beloved Carol, but it was also strange to see her make a return so soon. The awkward encounter of 'does Tyreese know what she done' really dominates her arrival, however the impact of what previously occurs still hadn't settled by this point, and what we are thankful for is that Carol was there to stop it.

What am I talking about? Well it's the crazed acts of little Lizzie who, by the looks of things is starting to loose a screw or two. In an attempt to stop the crying of little baby Judith, she puts her hand over her mouth and nose to quiet her down. This moment of whether or not Lizzie is going to single handedly smother Judith is unsettling, but then once you realise that she was stopped by Carol, the moment starts to deflate, leaving you to start wondering if this bold move would have benefited the episode much. Personally, I liked that they didn't kill her, and that it was proof that she is already loosing her humanity, but if they killed off Judith, then it would have proved a huge point for the show, that all bets are off. All I know is that Lizzy isn't done yet, and that she may end up killing "weak" Mika due to her uncontrollable erg to take a life (not to mention the fact that she knifed two bunnies without eating them or anything, killing just for the fun of it). Who cares about the others, Lizzie's story is beginning to blossom into something deeply dark and disturbing.

Beth and Daryl appeared here as they opened the episode with some touching and wise words from Hershel presented through what I can only assume is Beth's diary by the way she is reading it. Out of all the segments of the episode, theirs is the least intriguing which is surprising consider how "great" Daryl Dixon is, and although it didn't really have much going on, the things that did happen weren't interesting enough to make the lack of material fascinating. Perhaps it was because Beth was involved, and she is pretty much useless, but it just wasn't as strong as the other moments. In saying this, I loved how it set up the rest of the episode, we came across tracks, all of which were the tracks of those later to come, so it was obvious that the episode was played in reverse which was interesting to watch.

Surprisingly, Maggie's search for Glenn and Glenn's search for Maggie isn't as chessey and clumsy as I would have initially thought, and it's good to see them functioning without each other  more so with Maggie who seems as unhinged as ever. The bus scene were Maggie stabs her way through walkers looking for Glenn was a great scene, and to watch her become physically and mentally unstable is something that the show has yet to have covered. I love and have always loved the character of Maggie, and now to see her as ruthless as ever is something the show needed to present. As bad as it sounds, I think Glenn needs to die in order to give the character more room to become largely dominant, and to be honest, if Glenn doesn't get the ax by the end of the season then I will be truly shocked. On another note, Sasha and Bobby are just fillers, and their 'soon to be love' story just isn't appealing enough. We already have Glaggie (Glenn and Maggie), Caryl (Carol and Daryl), and with the possibility of Richonne (Rick and Michonne), the last thing we need is Bosha (terrible name I know).

I was a little surprised that we were re-introduced to the character of Tara (you know that girl who made that great comment on the mid-season finale "He cut off a guys head with a sword!") in Glenn's segment after he wakes up on the prison grounds. Although there was nothing special between the pair, I liked how the character of Tara was brought back, and how we now get the opportunity to see what she's made of. Now, comic fans may rejoice as the popular Abraham (Michael Cudlitz) comes into play at the end of the episode when Tara bashes in a few brains to save Glenn from becoming a human happy meal. Abraham, accompnied by Eugene (Josh Mc Dermitt) and Rosita (Christian Serratos) come and save the day, ending the episode with their ever-so smug expressions. If that wasn't enough to get you hyped for what's to come then I don't know what will. 

I like how these different groups all track over each other's footsteps yet never seem to come across one another, and what I especially like the most is how lost they all are, how bereft of security they all are. They are in the open, they are constantly in danger, they are all in search for one another, yet no one seems to find anything that could bring slight joy (aside from Tyreese, Lizzie and Mika of course who were found by good 'old Carol). As for Abraham, well, only time will tell to see if he and his gang are there to help or there to hurt.

VERDICT: Episode 10 'Inmates' sets up what is yet to come for the rest of the season, and although it was no match for last week's Mid-Season opener. However, this week proved that there is a darker side to the characters, and its battle with humanity and savagery with certain characters is intriguing, and leaves much to the imagination when it comes to what we think they are capable of in the future. We can only wait and see what The Walking Dead will bring us, but in order to stun and shock us, it needs to be bolder and more daring.

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