22 Mar 2014

New 'The Walking Dead' Poster Teases Season Finale and Much More

Seen the new poster for the final two episodes of The Walking Dead? Well let's just say, as basic and cool as it looks there seems to be a little more between the lines, and many more have speculated such a turn. "Those Who Arrive" says the poster with a nice little hashtag of Terminus, as well as imagery that teases danger for Rick, Carl and Michonne.

Disagree? Firstly look at how they are all positioned, each one of them looks like the are midst or ready for battle, and not strolling along railway tracks. Also, look at Carl, not only does he look as if something or something has fallen dead next to him, but this is brought across by the blood smear on his face that I am certain he hasn't been sporting recently. Why not? Might I also add that a casting call has been released with the synopsis of "Rick, Carl and the group journey to Washington D.C", sorry to spoil and everything but to me that alerts that both Rick and Carl will survive. However, recently the show has broke some boundaries and proved that there is no character that is safe. This and the fact that Kirkman a wile ago stated that "Someone who hasn't died in the comics will die in Season 4", and this hints to me that Rick might just die. Personally, I would hate to see that but it will reinforce that The Walking Dead is an unpredictable force of nature, but kill of Carl or Glenn in the season finale, just don't kill of Rick.

I mean why would he feature so strongly on the poster? Yeah he is the main character and all but the second half of the show have really brought the rest of them into their element. Personally, I think big things will happen to the trio if it's only them that featured. Who knows but we will find out soon enough... *heavy breathing*

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