4 Mar 2014

Review - The Walking Dead 4.12 "Still"

"The Moonshine Chronicles"

Survival is the main challenge for Daryl and Beth. They have yet to find a secure place to stay and are eating whatever they can find or kill, like squirrels and snakes. Beth is is fed up with it all and decides she wants to do something she has never done before - go somewhere, anywhere, and have an alcoholic drink. Daryl is less keen but they do learn more about each other in their travels.

The Oscars may have been taking place and it may have been breaking Twitter records due to a certain selfie that was just gloriously amazing, but I still had my eyes firmly on the prize, which was my daily dose of Walking Dead action. Luckily for us UK viewers ( and you will all understand), it is great that new episodes of TWD premieres less than 24 hours after the US so we are able to get or weekly hit on the go.

Mistake number 1: You shouldn't have put someone as boring as Beth with someone as interesting as Daryl. Mistake number 2: Their journey wasn't interesting enough to drag out for an entire episode. Mistake number 3: If Beth were to drink that much moonshine she would be practically licking the floorboards whilst trying to stand on her own two feet without tumbling over. Episode 12 'Still' suffered quite a bit, both logically and with the narrative. As you can tell, putting these two together isn't exactly what you would call an "interesting watch", and the intention behind the pairing is pretty apparent considering they are both sides of the fan-o-meter (Daryl: fan favourite - Beth: least popular). This has resulted in the character of Daryl to be largely deflated, and the character of Beth to be largely annoying. There is still time yet to recover from the mistake they made, but if she stays with him any longer he may just turn into a completely useless character, a little like Beth herself.

Perhaps not a filler episode per-say, but still very much pointless; 'Still' doesn't quite manage to intrigue the audience enough to let the events flow, therefore we are left with a bunch of moments that just don't quite land and don't do enough to grab interest. Having said that, the episode's soul purpose is Beth on the hunt for some alcohol which could prove very well that this could just as well be a filler episode, but the subtle message behind it of a young teen who was never able to be a teen due to her father's authority is actually kind of sweet, and somewhat a little rebellious. Watch out, Beth is about.

The intense opening sequence that shows the pair hiding in a car boot to save themselves from walkers to the deep characterization that shows a little more of Daryl than before is what makes the episode work, along with them short and subtle moments that gets the gears in your head working. "You're going to be the last man standing" says a drunken Beth to Daryl; all Dixon fans beware because this may just be Kirkman's way of telling you that Daryl might not just make it any further sometime soon. I mean think about it, the whole "nobody is safe" motto really comes into play here, and they know how much of a fan-fave he is, therefore killing him off would just be as shocking as it gets. Personally, I think that line is a way of Kirkman saying "Daryl, you are in brave danger". Let's face it, it's never a good sign when people start coming out with things like that, I mean how many horror films have you seen someone say "We are going to make it" just to see them die minutes later? Sorry to tell you but Kirkman has something up his sleeve, and it might just involve Mr. Daryl Dixon.

As for the pair, well I feel as if the sexual tension couldn't have been cut with a chainsaw. Did you see them?! At the end of the day, Daryl is a guy, and probably a very horny one at that. Beth is a teenage girl who hasn't been able to live the rebellious teenage life, and what is more rebellious that sex with an older man huh? I don't think the show will go with it but that's were I felt like they were taking it. Hopefully it does get kinky because that's always fun to watch, but then again Kirkman and co. don't really have balls. Well not a pair big enough to pull that off.

The character development especially that of Daryl is strong, and although it isn't enough to carry an episode, it is always a good time to learn about the characters we love. Perhaps a filler for next week, 'Still' almost hints to further and more dangerous situations ahead for one of the shows best characters.

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