29 Mar 2014

Those Who Arrive Survive - My The Walking Dead Season Finale Predictions!

The Walking Dead season finale is creeping up on us fast, and although the excitement and dread for those who live or die, I still can't help but want to cry at the thought of it not returning until October; heartbreaking stuff. So, here is my predictions about the characters, and whether or not after they arrive, if they survive. Intense stuff guys.. real intense.

SAFE - At the beginning of the second half of the Season 4 and seeing the state Rick was in, I kind of thought to myself if Rick would die or not, and if the show had the balls to do something like that. Who could blame me right? The entire second half of the season has barely been about Rick at all, and it's more about the other characters and how they are surviving. I thought maybe this is the writers way of trying to get us to get use of the fact that he isn't there, so when they kill him off we can move on; but then I thought to myself "nah they would never have the balls for that!", and you know what, I don't think they ever will. Rick is safe; why? because the rest of them aren't strong enough to carry the show, especially not Carl or Daryl.

SAFE - As mentioned before, Carl is the central character of the show, as the entire story is based around the growth of someone who is adapting to this post-apocalyptic world; that is Carl. He is going no were because the show is basically about him and his relationship with his father. All this sub-plot crap ain't fooling me; I know the shows mainly about Carl and Rick, you know that and they know we know that. If he dies, then the writers either have big balls or have a thing for killing off the kiddies.

NOT-SO SAFE - Daryl may be a fan favourite and many reasons why people watch the show, but on several occasions Kirkman has stated that nobody is safe, and recently he even stated "No one is safe, Not even Daryl (suck it Reedus!)" Sure, this may just be some horse play between the pair, but after Beth said "You will be the last man standing" I took that as an immediate hint that Mr. Dixon may not make it very far after Season 4. He may now die on Sunday, but is it a possibility in Season 5? Might I add, Kirkman is in talks with including Daryl in the comics, so maybe could have be his way of giving Dixon fans their fix? I mean if they kill him off on the show people can then move to the comics to see more of him. Hmm, so many clues such little time.

SAFE - Ok, she may be on the same page as Daryl on this one but no way in hell would they kill her off this soon if even at all! Let's face it, the writers have this thing were they like to kill off their dominant female characters (ala Andrea and _______; this I will talk about later) so for them to not only kill off basically their only strong female and a fan favourite and a comic fave too would just be too sudden and a completely wrong move to make. Don't make that mistake Gimple!

Joe & The Gang
NOT SAFE - Well this is the gang who are on the hunt for Rick and who are accompanied by Daryl, so my guess is that they find Rick but Daryl turns against them to save (potentially putting his life in danger); but in the end up, most of them if not all will be killed. If someone were to survive it would be Joe if not Joe alone, but other than that they're pretty much doomed.

NOT-SO SAFE - Let's just say my reasons behind this were influenced by the comics, and even though I should never check back to them, it is too late now and I may as well know what the future holds for her. Again, speculation and not facts, but you see that car that took her into the night? Yeah well it had a large cross on the back and in the comics, a swift priest-type guy locked up in some holy house called Gabriel, and I think that if Beth isn't introduced this sunday then she will be in Season 5 with Gabriel by her side. I am aloud to wonder but I could be totally wrong, and what that girl Mary was frying could have possibly been Beth; I hope it was.

NOT SAFE - This is a risky one for me because I love Carol and she has never been more of a character than she has now, but like Andrea, her story has kind of come full circle and there isn't really anywhere else for her character to go. Carol is a well-developed character who has been through thick and thin (and she is one of six of the originals from season one, being the last living female), but realistically, what else has she got to offer? I think Carol is a fantastic character and it would be a real shame for her to die, but it's inevitable and now may just be the time to say goodbye to her; I may just cry.

NOT-SO SAFE - I don't think they will kill of Tyreese this soon because he was such a big character in the comics, but they might just do it. Personally, I think he has a little bit more to offer, but killing him off wouldn't be the worst decision.

Bob & Sasha
NOT SAFE - Two minor characters here and two that's death wouldn't be such a big loss. More Sasha than Bob, I don't think these two will make it very far in this show in general, but the writers will probably save them just to develop their character some more; I mean they are as one-dimensional as they get but it doesn't mean they can't die.

Abraham, Rosita & Eugene
SAFE - When I say safe I mean Abraham and Eugene; Rosita, not so much. Well I think we all know where Season 5 is taking us, which has to be Washington, and it's because of Abraham and co. why they would go there so they have to live really in order for that to happen. Besides, you seen how protective Abraham is over Eugene as he thinks he "knows what caused the outbreak". Pfft please, judging my Eugene's stalling on last week's episode I think he is telling a lie or two don't you? Well anyways they will survive and Rosita might just too. I like her and I like the dynamic between the three so I don't think they will meet their demise just yet.

NOT-SO SAFE - I like Tara I really do, but she may not make it through to Season 5. I would love to see more of her cause I think she's great, and she really does have the potential to be a great character.

NOT-SO SAFE - This is a controversial one, but let's just think about this for a moment. Kirkman release some details on the season finale saying "Rick will be pushed to his absolute limit, this will be a Rick you have never seen before". So whether or not the cannibals (who I presume will be the threat) torture Carl or most likely Glenn, Maggie or Carol, or even do something to Judith is a different story, but what I do know is that in order for Rick to be "pushed to his limit" something drastic has to happen to someone close to him, and that could be his own blood.

Glenn & Maggie
NOT SAFE - Gleggie, one of the shows most popular duos are in for one hell of a ride this Sunday and that I can guarantee. Why you may ask? Well let's face it, one of them has to die, their whole meet up was just too romantic and what a way to spoil the party than offing one of them and leaving the other to suffer? I think that one of them dying is inevitable, I mean you all heard the "burn the picture, you will never need another one of me again" right? and was that not a huge slap in the face telling you that one of them were going to bite the dust? My problem is that they will make the wrong decision and end up killing one of my favourites Maggie and not one of my least favourites Glenn. Maggie is a strong female, and that's what the show needs, but judging by track record they will probably kill her off, because to me it's pretty apparent they like killing of woman and black people. I just hope that they don't make the mistake of killing of Maggie just to let Glenn's story grow more cause to me, that would be the completely wrong move to make here. But who knows we will just have to wait and see I guess.

As for the rest of the episode, we know things aren't going to go down well for the characters and that the show will be left on a cliffhanger. Terminus isn't safe (obviously), and Mary isn't as sweet as all that. How do I know? just look at this goddamn picture! Thanks Instagram for this one for making me see things more clearly.

Recently, news has been released by Gimple who said "After this episode, no one will be disappointed", which basically means, we expect big and we will get just that. I am extremely excited, but all up until tomorrow, I may sit and think about who will die, and why the show is going to kill of my favourite characters because I know that's going to happen! We may sit and wait. 

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