26 Mar 2014

TV Review - The Walking Dead 4.15 "Us"

Welcome To Terminus

Several groups continue to travel to Terminus. Michonne, Carl and Rick seem to be in good spirits and in good health. Glenn,Tara and their new-found traveling companions come across a Terminus sign with Maggie's message. Glenn is prepared to start running down the tracks but the others calm him down. When they reach a train tunnel, Glenn refuses to go around and he and Tara set off on their own. Inside, they come to a welcome reunion. Daryl has stayed with his new companions but he is having trouble with one member of the group. Their leader, Joe, tries to get him to play by their rules but Daryl is reluctant. Finally, some of them arrive at Terminus.

Last week packed a hard punch to the feeling, am I right? Yeah well don't be expecting the same this week as you will just be left disappointed at 'Us' is nothing more than a filler episode designed to get the groups to their destination before the big payoff. Bear in mind though, you will get a couple of laughs out of this one, and even from the opening scene, you will know that this episode isn't like any other. Look at it either a positive or negative, it was a lighter note than last week, and even though it's not perhaps what is to be expected this close to the finale, it was still welcomed and still enjoyable.

So, what happens? To put it simply, all the groups are pretty close to Terminus which means their paths are soon to be crossing as seen with all the narratives displayed in this episode. Although most of the paths have yet to be crossed, we are re-introduced to Glaggie as Maggie and Glenn reunite, with no thanks to Abraham and co. (kidding). The impact of their finding wasn't as strong as it might have been but jesus I as just glad that someone found someone; all this mindless wondering was getting annoying. Another note, why the fuck has Maggie not mentioned Beth?! Yeah I get it you miss Glenn but jesus you both watched your father get decapitated and then she was gone with the wind after that, and she doesn't even get a goodbye handshake? Fair enough, she probably thinks she's dead but Maggie, don't be scared to open up and talk about her. Besides, Beth is probably someone's meal by this stage.

The episode more or less follows Glenn and Tara on their course to Terminus/Maggie, and yes, they were accompanied by the wonderfully entertaining Abraham, Eugene and Rosita. Without them, this would have been a deeply serious episode, I mean some of the zombie action was intense as Tara's life dangled infront of her on more than one occasion; but the trio not only add a fresh vibe to the episode, but they were also becoming quite charming due to their snappy arguments and light-hearted dialogue. "Tara, I just have to say I think you're hot" says an expressionless Eugene to Tara who then replies with "I like girls..." followed by Eugene saying "I know.". This alone along with the rest of their scenes gives us an insight to what these characters are made of, and I'm liking what I'm seeing, so if any of them were to die (which they won't.. aside from Rosita), it would be a real shame to loose them so soon.

Is it too soon to talk about how cute Michonne, Carl and Rick are? You know things are too cute when them three made a better family than Rick, Lori and Carl. On another note, I never realised how pretty the character Michonne was until she smiled, and the dynamic between her and The Grimes is so fulfilling that I was angered I never got to see more of them. Cheesy yes, but god it was satisfying.

For now, I am going to call these guys The Hunters (and I do know who the Hunters are in the comics by the way), but I am calling them this because I ain't calling them by their names there are just too many. But anyways, this week we see Daryl's journey with them, and how they "claim" everything. Personally, I think the character of Daryl has deflated, however I was intrigued by the group and the intimidation they brought with them. You can't help but feel they will have something to do with the downfall of the group in the season finale, but knowing that were they are going is to kill the person who attacked their group in the house (which was Rick) only makes them even more sinister. What will Daryl do when he discovers that their enemy is Rick? Well, all I know is that this season finale is going to be brutal.

I can't end this without talking about Terminus of course which, by the end of the episode was introduced in the most elegant of ways. The gang walk through an unlocked gate (first alarm ringing) to a sign that says "lower your weapons you will be met" (second alarm rings), then to a woman who comes to them whilst cooking what appears to be meat (third fucking alarm ringing) and welcomes them with "Hi, I'm Mary,  Let's get you settled and get you a plate; Welcome to Terminus" (FINAL ALARM RINGING!). Come on guys, we have seen enough Walking Dead to know that no good is going to come from this! Ah Mary may look all fine and dandy but if you ask me that meet she is cooking is that of human flesh. I mean why were the gates all open? Any walker could have strolled in, Where is the rest of the people? So many whys in such little time! All will be answered very soon, but my bet is that nobody is going to get off lightly in the finale.

Slow but interesting; 'Us' may be no match for last week's episode, but we are all aware that it's soul purpose was to build on Abraham's group, get at least one group reunited and for them to briefly meet Terminus. All that's left to do is sit and wait for the carnage to begin because by the looks of things, Terminus has it in for the survivors.


  1. This episode was definitely good in tying-up some loose ends, but still leaves me a bit weary in what's next to come with this finale. Probably the feeling I'm supposed to have, but that doesn't mean I have to like it! Good review Jack.

    1. Yeah I was the same but seeing some of the stuff Kirkman and Gimple have been saying gets me so hyped! Thanks Dan!



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