11 Mar 2014

Review - The Walking Dead 4.13 "Alone"

"If it Sounds too Good to be True... Then it is."

After finding signs of Terminus; Maggie, Sasha and Bob discuss if the sanctuary is worth of the risk. Daryl and Beth take shelter in a seemingly abandoned funeral home.

Talk about romance, This week on The Walking Dead was almost like Love Island with zombies. From Maggie on the hunt for Glenn, attracting him by smearing walker guts over walls to Beth and Daryl on what can only be described as a post-apocalyptic honeymoon, to even Bob and Sasha who were able to sneak a kiss and a cuddle among all this horror action. What's not to love? Well, apart from too much romance but at least we had some decent zombie sequences, and that's not mentioning the hugely intense opening sequence that saw monsters in the mist against Maggie, Bob and Sasha which could only be described as amazing.

We are introduced to the character of Bob Stookey and the life he lived alone during the outbreak before he found the prison gang. This pre-credit scene felt lost and unwanted, and although it was to build on the character, it made me feel no different about Mr. Stookey, not to mention the fact that all this character development is starting to get tedious. We got to know and love the rest of the characters without having to endure their back-stories so why should we have to put up with it now, right? Again, focusing in too hard on Bob yet it doesn't give us any decent send-off other than the fact that he was able to wriggle his way into Sasha's life romantically, which might I add is another thing TWD doesn't need. People finding the good in a bad situations is always a high note though; next step is killing off him or Sasha, maybe even both.

Moving on swiftly to the Beth and Daryl story. Thankfully, their segment proved to be one of the more interesting ones of the second-half of the season so far. Why you ask? Well aside from all the singing Beth makes us endure once again, we are introduced to some unwanted visitors, both dead and human... and even in fact mammals in general (due to the introduction of a one-eyed dog who appears to be The Governor reborn). Yes, the pair encounter a walker invasion that puts Daryl's life more at risk than it does Beth's, but we also get an interesting turn of events that sees Beth being abducted as well as Daryl being found by a new ground of weapon-wielding biker men with a keen interest in what Daryl Dixon has to offer. Perhaps a ground from Terminal? Maybe it's the new villains, or maybe it's the same guys who invaded the house that Rick, Michonne and Carl were staying in? I am not sure just yet, but what I am sure of, is that the gang were not the same ones who took Beth, and that maybe, it was The Saviors who are due and introduction sometime soon; or even worse, we could see the introduction of The Hunters who are the ones with an appetite for human flesh. If you ask me I would bet that they would be the ones behind Terminal too. Imagine guys, all paths leading to a cannibal group, how interesting...

Maggie doesn't play as big of a part as the rest in this episode, but damn she really makes the most of the screen time she gets. Battling her demons of forever alone'ing she delves further into the hunt of Glenn who, by the end of the episode also finds a railway track which obviously leads him to Terminus. However, before all that we see Maggie search of Walker guts as well as kipping outside Ice-cream trucks because apparently that's always fun. The episode doesn't go a miss without some intense walker scenes that see Sasha and Maggie fighting off numerous walkers back-to-back until the pavement is painting with blood. It was great to see the pair getting down and dirty in walker blood as the show seems to be letting go of the female dominance it once sported, but to watch that scene which honestly had me second-guessing their survival, was thoroughly entertaining and hugely gripping.

Gripping and strong, 'Alone' gets down and dirty once again, providing some thoroughly strong zombie scenes as well as some lingering questions that arise due to some strange turn of events.

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