16 Apr 2014

First Poster for Upcoming Sequel 'Leprechaun: Origins' Lands on Gold

Fool's Gold

Are you excited for the upcoming sequel to the infamous franchise starring WWE's own Hornswoggle? Well then that makes you the only one. I am not a fan of the franchise, in fact, I think it is the soul reason why the horror genre ended up bombing loosing most of its fans. But, I can't sit here on preconceptions, and instead I will watch it and give it a chance like every other piece of trash I've watched in the past. Oh well, if it's a turd I'd like to think they will polish it eh?

"A horror icon is reborn"... I beg to differ. Judging by this teaser poster, what I see is a horror "icon" being make part of a big joke once again. But, if WWE Studios had the sense they would try and attempt to make him a proper villain and not a walking, talking, space invading, drug taking gimmick.

Anyways, here is the poster for you to look at.

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