4 Apr 2014

Plot Details Released about 'Scream: The Series' !!

I am a huge fan of the Scream franchise, and I don't think there is a better horror franchise around then that (disagree with me all you want, there are great). So, the news of the MTV Series has me both worried and excited; worried, because they could completely kill the franchise; excited, because it's Scream and its return will be welcomed with open arms from me. Perhaps Scream 5 would have been a better option but you know, beggars can't be choosers.

Plot details have been released about the upcoming series, and the Pilot, airing in the summer will be directed by the one and only Wes Craven! Give me time to geek out because I think he is the only one capable of this.

The pilot explores a YouTube video that has gone viral and causes problems for the protagonist, Audrey, who is caught in the middle of murder and the town’s troubled past. According to Bloody Disgusting, the show is going to follow the "rules" of slasher movies.

TV Line also provided a breakdown of character details, which were obviously the casting calls as no actor has been confirmed just yet.

* Harper Duval: A 16-year-old beauty “who’s a little too introverted and intellectual to be a social butterfly” but has nevertheless been anointed by the popular crowd to be one of their own. “She feels guilty that she has drifted away from former best friend Audrey,” but at least she’s got a Gilmore Girls-esque relationship with mom Maggie to keep her sane.
* Audrey Jesen: Haper’s former BFF is described as “the bi-curious daughter of a Lutheran pastor” who’s “more arresting-looking than pretty.” This “artsy loner” dreams of being a filmmaker and shares a close bond with tech genius Noah.
* Noah Foster: Audrey’s closest confidante is “creative, brilliant and tech-savvy enough to be the next Steve Jobs.” Lucky for him, he’s got a great sense of humor (“a la John Cusack in his teen prime”) that helps him navigate the halls of his high school. What’s more, Noah possesses “an encyclopedic knowledge of books, films, TV, apps, etc.”
* Margaret “Maggie” Duval: Harper’s mom, in her early to mid-40s, is the town’s medical examiner, “a grown-up sciencegeek who plays down her beauty.” Maggie spends a lot of her time trying to make up for the fact that Harper’s dad abandoned them. Oh, and she’s harboring “a dark secret from her past.”


  1. Honestly, I still don't know how I feel about this. Part of me wants to think it's cook and a good idea, but another part seems impending doom lying ahead. We can only wait and see!

    1. I feel the same; I mean I LOVE Scream and the idea of more Ghostface brings me joy along with knowing that Craven has the pilot in his hands, but knowing it's MTV and the crowd it is aimed to attract, I personally don't think they will do this right and it could put and end to the franchise all together. Hopefully not!



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