17 Apr 2014

Short Film Review - In Defense of Traditional Marriage (2013)

"Proves that you Don't need much to Shock and Please."

Director: Thom Newell
Writer: Thom Newell
Stars: Courtney Bandeko, David P. Baker, Sarah Marie Brown
Running Time: 7 mins
Sub-Genre: Comedy, Zombie
Release: 2013

As Sam and Alex prepare to get married in the heated climate of modern middle-America, their friends gather to show them support, even if their family is uncomfortably absent. Each friend takes the time to give an interview for the happy couple's wedding video, until the ceremony begins. 

As Sam starts walking down the aisle, the viewing audience will start to realize something is not quite what it seems. As the ensemble cast finally gets to see their friends joined together forever, none of them realize the true horror that awaits them.

Talk about an unexpected turn for the best; In Defense of Traditional Marriage proved to be quite a surprise, in many promising ways. I don't normally sit down and gander through short horror films simply because I feel like I have no time for them, but Thom Newell's unexpected satire along proved me completely wrong. The short is distinctively split into two parts; the first being the introduction of each of the characters, and the second being the slaughter. Within that short 7 minutes after being sucked into this, we realize that within that time we have already met sufficient character development as well as a final act so unexpected that it could have given The Cabin in the Woods a run for its money.

The narrative flows with wit and style, and despite not all the gags landing, we are displayed to something that is frequently funny and strangely endearing. Newell has clearly got his finger on the pulse of cinema as his approach to the genre is both fresh and unpredictable. Sure, there is nothing here that we haven't seen before, and it racks up something similar to that of Shaun of the Dead; but there is no denying that potential flows throughout the short, and there is a lemming little spark that strikes when the credits role, informing us that Thom Newell may just be one to look out for.

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  1. thanks for the amazing review! i hope some fans can check out the short here: https://vimeo.com/86866927



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