16 Apr 2014

V/H/S Director is Set to Direct Friday The 13th Reboot - Still Expect Shaky Cam

David Buckner lands the Job

David Buckner is the guy who is (un)lucky enough to tackle the upcoming Friday The 13th reboot that is set for a release on Friday 13th March 2015 which personally I don't think will come that soon. This next chapter is set to "reboot" the franchise, so if you have an appetite for Jason and his savage slaughtering then you may prepare yourself as this sounds like the beginning of a new franchise.

However, the idea of this installment being of the found footage sub-genre is still on the table so don't get too excited just yet, as this may be the final straw in royally screwing the franchise over. Luckily though David Buckner's work on V/H/S (you know the segment with the girl who's head splits in two?) was impressive so maybe, just maybe, he might actually do this reboot justice. Again, maybe.

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