23 May 2014

[Blogathon] Favorite Movie Titles A - Z

Brittani (host of the fascinating blog Rambling Film) has created her first Blogathon, and although this is my first time doing one as its her first making one, I thought I would give it a try, simply because the idea is so simple and so interesting. The idea is basic; you go through the alphabet naming your favourite movie title (you don't have to like the film just the title) with each letter of the alphabet from A to Z. My take on it however is that I will go through naming only horror movies. Got it? Good.

Still want to know more? Here are the rules:
1) Going through the alphabet, list your favorite movie title beginning with each letter.

2) You don't have to necessarily like the movie to use it's title.

3) Use the banner at the top of this post in yours.

4) Please have submissions in by Friday, May 23rd. (But I'll be honest, if you send them to me after that date, I'll still add them to my post.)


  1. Hey, that's a cool idea to stick with one genre! Thanks so much for participating. :)

    1. no problem! thanks for the fascinating blogathon!

  2. Great genre listing of favorite movie titles. I've really enjoyed your list. It looks great too.



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