1 May 2014

'Halloween 3D' Isn't as Dead and Forgotten as we all Thought...

Bloody Disgusting heard exclusively just yesterday on news on Halloween 3D during the Cannes Film Festival, in which they discovered that The Weinstein Company still have Myers on his mind and haven't forgotten about the upcoming sequel.

Last thing we heard was that Patrick Luisser and Todd Farmer had been working on a script, but other than that they are pretty much back to square 1 and no progress has been made other than the reminder that it's still on the cards.

The question is, do we really want another Halloween movie? Personally, I am all for a Myers reunion, and judging by the upcoming release of Friday The 13th, I would say that its success will lead to the development of Halloween 3D as right now all we have are ideas and assumptions.

Whether or not Halloween 3D will follow the events of H2 and Zombie's remakes is still yet unknown, but if that's the approach they're taking, a lack of Rob Zombie may just be what the franchise needs considering how he fucked up the storyline.

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