14 May 2014

'V/H/S Viral' Continues the Anthology Terror with a Trailer and Poster

You ready for another Found Footage anthology entry into the V/H/S Franchise? Well, you're getting one. V/H/S Viral with complete the trilogy, following a strong proceeder that blew all found-footage horror films out of the water with its stunning and shocking display that was as original as it was gory.

Now though judging by this trailer we are in for more of a gory treat as V/H/S Viral promises some strong segments, packed with strong scares and vibrant gore. What else could we be possibly looking for from a horror of this standard?

V/H/S Viral focuses on fame-obsessed teens who unwittingly become stars of the next internet sensation.

Still interested? Check out the trailer below as well as another familiar yet cool poster to match the trilogy.

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