28 Aug 2014

1984-A-Thon Review - Horror Icons: Freddy vs. Jason, But Who Came Out Victorious?

Thanks to The Movie Waffler I stumbled across this fantastically fun blogathon hosted by Forgotten Films which dedicates itself to the film (or films) we loved back from 1984, and already 1984-A-Thon (love the title by the way) has been noticed over a wide range of blogs, to which I am not surprised.

So, instead of choosing a single horror and reviewing it, I then decided to put one horror icon against the other largely due to the fact they teamed up later in 2003, therefore I will be reviewing A Nightmare on Elm Street and Friday The 13th: The Final Chapter; no bets as to which one is better eh?

Best Story
A Nightmare on Elm Street, a undeniable classic against Friday The 13th: The Final Chapter, the fourth entry into an already tedious (at that stage) franchise that duplicates what the rest of the franchise before it with an added body count. Without a single doubt A Nightmare on Elm Street knocks this one out of the part, proving to be one of the strongest horror movies of the 80's, and still one of the most inventive and original concepts in movie history that to this day people globally still rave about. It's a classic through-and-through, so was Friday The 13th Part 4, one forgettable sequel among many, ever going to beat Elm Street's premise? Never!
Winner: A Nightmare on Elm Street

Best Kills
Both horror films (and franchises) are known for their exuberant ways of killing off helpless teens who have a lust for sex and a lack of common sense. Although A Nightmare on Elm Street executed the memorable Johnny Depp blood spray scene in which he is unknowingly sucked into his bed, chewed up and sprayed up onto the ceiling, Friday The 13th Part 4 certainly have a more fun body count and has a skill for killing people off in as many ways as possible with its limited options. Tom Savini may be the reason behind the amazingly gory death scenes that are frequent throughout Part 4, so thanks to him, and a few head-crushing moments, Part 4 is the film with the best kill list.
Winner: Friday The 13th: The Final Chapter

Best Director
This one is not hard, and if you have seen both films you will know exactly why. Without a doubt Craven's direction is both visually stunning and beautifully uneasy, highlighting the dream realm with subtle reality. One scene in particular where Freddy tears into one of his victims by throwing her from wall to wall and dragging her across the ceiling proves just that. Once you have seen that iconic moment you would know there is no competition.
Winner: A Nightmare on Elm Street

Best Killer
This one for obvious reasons is difficult to call. Freddy represents fear in an usual manner, playing upon something no one can escape, and it's that factor of being hunted in your own dreams without control that injects fear into so many viewers. However, Jason plays on the aspect of being naturally scared of camping; finding that fear and then throwing himself into the mix. He doesn't have the effect on us like Blair Witch Project does, but without a doubt every horror fan or anyone who knows Jason always has a moment when he come to mind when camping, even if in the dark and dangerous wild side. In saying this, the fear of someone coming for you in your most vulnerable state is what makes Freddy the winner here, even if he does play the fool too often.
Winner: A Nightmare on Elm Street

Best 1984 Horror Film
Honestly there is zero competition here, and the bottom line is that Wes Craven's A Nightmare on Elm Street is one of the best horror movies of the 80's, and frankly, Friday The 13th: The Final Chapter doesn't even make the cut for best fourth part of a horror franchise. A Nightmare on Elm Street is an iconic stamp on the horror genre, which Friday The 13th Part 4 isn't worthy of the original Friday The 13th label. Many will like Part 4, but I however found it both derivative and extremely inconsistent; Elm Street is vibrantly gory and fantastically bizarre in all the right ways, and that's why A Nightmare on Elm Street is 1984's Best Horror Film!
Winner: A Nightmare on Elm Street


  1. Good work, but yeah, not much of a competition.

    1. Thanks! haha yeah i know probably the reason why I done it just to highlight how bad that sequel was



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