13 Aug 2014

New 'Texas Chainsaw' Confirmed; Not Following 3D, But Leatherface's Teenage Years...

That's right, you have not read that wrong; Millennium Films is moving ahead with a new Texas Chainsaw film that, instead of following 2013's Texas Chainsaw 3D is following Leatherface's teenage years. This of course means we have another prequel on our hands and that in fact a new Texas Chainsaw is well and surely on its way with Seth M. Sherwood pending the screenplay and a yet unknown director.

This could only mean one thing of course, that they clearly had nowhere else to move the story along after making the brash move of making Leatherface an antihero and Alexandra Daddario his loyal family member. Now, even though Chainsaw 3D wasn't to everyone's taste, you would at least expect Millennium to just stick to their guns and finish what they created instead of whimpering off and starting a whole new loop that nobody asked for.

Lionsgate is in talks to distribute, and production is set to begin this winter. The odds of Teenage Massacre being great is pretty slim but what will be will be.

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