9 Aug 2014

Review - 'Kristy' is a Nerve-Shredding, Nail-Biting, Fight-For-Survival Thriller

When a college girl who is alone on campus over the Thanksgiving break is targeted by a group of outcasts, she must conquer her deepest fears to outwit them and fight back.

A trailer for Kristy was released a few months back, putting the under-the-radar horror-thriller out in the open for those who were interested to see, a trailer that was present straight from a German website. Then, following this a German poster was then released along with a German release date despite being an all-American thriller. This however has still been unresolved and Germany had got their hands firmly on Kristy, and by the looks of things the rest might have to wait to get to see this on the big screen, and that's if it even gets that far. However, Kristy is one film that is well worth its big-screen moment, and if I have ever seen a film that deserves the cinematic treatment, it's this gem of an experience.

Kristy (or Random depending on the UK/USA release) is basically You're Next with a bigger budget. Comparing is something that I find is a habit when it comes to horror this day and age, and it is something everyone does whether they care for it or not. Kristy is no You're Next, it simply isn't as savvy, nor as refreshing, but what it is, is a really really good horror experience. It's pure fear at its finest; the fear of isolation, the fear of the unknown, the fear that people are watching and stalking you. These are all things that have been established time after time, yet Kristy manages to make them feel fresh. Maybe it's the constant game of cat and mouse that builds on its tension, but what Kristy never fails to maintain is its taut tension that is sharper than a blade on a knife; and when you see the blades in this film you will know exactly what I mean.

The premise is basic and the acting is standard, but it's the now-popular theme of good girl gone bad that is starting to dominate the genre, and it works extremely well on the behalf of Kristy. The character of Justine takes an obvious ark from innocent to defensive, but surprisingly it works particularly well. We see her struggle and we see her genuine fear, but the transition above all is both striking and exciting; and before you know it, Justine starts to get her own back which makes for one exhilarating ride.

What You're Next (sorry for the reference once again) didn't elaborate on was the character of Erin; yes she was bad-ass and yes she was a memorable character, but the character transition is something that is both engaging and honest, and is a sure-fire way to make you root for a character. Justine was one character worth rooting for, mainly due to the honest performance from Haley Bennett which contrasted perfectly with the bizarrely fascinating performance from Ashley Greene (who may I add, is so much better in this than she is in any dumb Twilight junk, although she is still pretty good in them too).

Surprisingly, Kristy proves to have quite a kick, and is sure to give you a jolt or two on the way by. It's all stemmed from the powerful sense of dread established that is strung throughout the nail-biting chase sequences that drive the film to becoming the exhilarating, tense ride it deserved to be; In fact, it's more than that, it's deeply sinister. There is nothing here we haven't seen before, but in this case there is nothing wrong with just that. The difference here is that Kristy isn't afraid to take a convention and add something new into the mix, creating enough memorable and nerve-shredding moments to have you syked about this one for days.

For me, there is more to just liking Kristy; I love Kristy. This is a horror experience that is far from acquired taste and know how to entertain without bordering comedic terms that would only have stunted the experience and slipped it right into place with the frequent horror comedies that's joke is already starting to wear off. Keep to what you know Blackburn, and what you know is creepy slash-em-up thrillers that's tension is far from deprived.

VERDICT: It's lean, it's mean and it's one hell of a fighting machine; Kristy is a taut, nerve-shredding thriller that is powered on a strong sense of dread and character. This is 2014's biggest and baddest dark horse that the genre have had in years.


2014 / 80 mins / Thriller, Slasher

Director: Oliver Blackburn

Writer: Anthony Jaswinski

Stars: Haley Bennett, Ashley Greene, Lucas Till, James Ransone, Chris Coy


  1. For me this movie has nothing new I mean the game of cat and mouse like a movie of the 90s.
    example; "I Know What You Did Last Summer" there is nothing innovative or new to bring to the genre of horror. Dimension Films is not risking release on the big screen and spend money on promotions and advertising. The performances are standard I do not see anything extraordinary in them (well I give credit to Haley carries the whole movie on his shoulders) is a movie that knew it was going straight to DVD

    1. Yeah i get what you are saying and you make some really valid points; I just had really fun with this and i found it very entertaining; it is the 90's style which i love (i mean Scream is one of my favourite ever) so to see the Scream-esque type slasher come back in a sense is for me really good to see. Thanks though for letting me know your opinion I appreciate it.

  2. I dug it actually. Saw a screening way back at some NJ preview. More stylish thriller than gore horror. Not sure if that genre will appreciate, but there's a pool scene that blew my mind

    1. Thank god someone else actually likes it! I honestly thought it was a great film, and that pool scene in particular yes really stood out for me, as well as the ending which i thought was so gratifying and amazing.

  3. The movie is so exciting and quickly. The movie could be more long and the masks of the killers it's not to cool, but is not so bad. I was very eager to watch the film and when I watched, I enjoyed. There is not to blood, but there is many intelligent deaths with a furious touch. The direction and filming of the movie was very well used and the film caused some scares. When you watch the trailer, you realize it's predictable, but it is unfortunately. It's a good movie, despite a few clichés and is not a very scary movie. It's a thriller with a few strokes of horror.I hoped that Ashley Greene would act as the protagonist, but no. He is an excellent actress and I think the interpreted character is too weak for her, his face covered so we could not enjoy her facial expressions would have been more espeluznante and demonstrate a better performance

  4. I thought this movie was awesome. I didn't like it as much as You're Next but it was still really solid. I also have a weakness for synth music in anything and I thought this utilized it well. And the pool scene was badass. I would recommend this film.

  5. It's gonna be here at London Film Festival so will check out. Looks like Panic Room



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