20 Aug 2014

Rumours Surrounding 'Halloween: The Next Chapter'.... Are They False?

Confirmed by Bloody Disgusting to then later be an article to say that their previous information was inaccurate, they confirmed whilst still sticking to their point that the upcoming Halloween entry previously known as Halloween 3D that has the Weinstein Company right behind it has now been changed to Halloween: The Next Chapter.

I know what you're thinking, could the title be anymore 80's? I mean if that doesn't scream generic horror sequel title to you then I don't know what will; i suppose anything is better than Halloween 3D right?

Well according to the HalloweenMovies Facebook page, neither the title nor information on who was writing the script was all untrue, and the only thing properly confirmed by the better source is that the script is currently being penned so don't freak out just yet as Halloween 3D or Halloween: The Next Chapter (whatever they plan to call it) is still on its way, even if it's at a snails pace.

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