12 Aug 2014

The Top 5 Horrors of 2014 So Far & 5 to Look Forward to


Honourable Mention - The Purge: Anarchy 
The Purge: Anarchy, the sequel to the 2013 box-office hit starring Ethan Hawke, not only outdone the first in nearly every aspect included in both entries, but proved that every horror sequel has the potential to do what the first failed to do; and in this case it was to explore the fantastic premise that the first failed to develop with more consistency. Anarchy is everything we wanted 2013's The Purge to be, and then some; laced with tension, filled with effective gore and fast to an extent of exhilarating. Proving to be both chilling and thrilling, Anarchy is not only one hell of a horror/thriller sequel, but it's also an electric cinematic experience to be admired by fans of the upcoming franchise and casual film-goers alike.

5. Cheap Thrills
Perhaps not as strong as initially presented by its crazed audience, Cheap Thrills was still nonetheless a sufficiently entertaining piece of of horror comedy that blends its dark humour with its effective gore to create a blend so dark yet so deliciously fulfilling. It's extremely fun in the darkest of manners, it's intelligently twisted in the sense that it conjures something knew out of something so conventional, and it's entertainingly witty without becoming a gimmick; and it is that combination that proves that Cheap Thrills is one to watch in 2014.

4. The Den
Should be questionably higher on the list due to its sheer entertainment value alone, Zachary Donohue's The Den is perhaps one of the freshest slasher/found footage horror films of the year. Brash in its delivery and consistent in its display; The Den offers up a platter of recycled source material spiced up with a fresh direction in order to create something that does for Omegle what Candyman did for mirrors. More chilling that frightening, and more tense than gory, there is no denying that The Den puts forward something new for those who seek an entertaining yet strangely intelligent horror fest that satisfies both their slasher and shaky-cam horror needs. Up there for the most surprisingly good horror of 2014.

3. Oculus
An obvious choice for any horror top 5 yet completely evident; Oculus is this years The Cabin in the Woods (of course without the complete amazing-ness Cabin brought), in the sense that it brought around a whole new style of horror to an already stacked, albeit tedious table of sub-genres. It was different without venturing too far beyond the genre yet familiar in a trust-worthy sense; I mean that as in we knew it was going to play a new ball game, and it did just that. Although the terror that was once established was absent, there was still a great deal of dread that darkened the atmosphere, and the chilling sense of the unknown (what's real what isn't real) is what really sells Oculus; and you know what, it was a pretty damn good piece of film work from a relevantly unknown cast/crew.

2. Kristy (a.k.a Random)
The reason why Kristy/Random/Satanic didn't claim my top spot even though it has almost everything I love about slashers is because it simply wasn't as admirable as the number one; however, this doesn't mean that Kristy isn't filled with admirable material, because believe me it is a pretty impressive 90's throwback slasher that will relight that taste you had with the likes of Scream and the likes. It's a lean and ferociously mean slasher driven by a powerhouse central performance and unnerving suspense, making for a thrilling, albeit at times not completely original, roller coaster of the emotions, vital to making an effective and dread-filled horror movie.

1. Dead Snow 2: Red vs. Dead
The top spot could only go to a film that had me entertained without fail from start to end; it was just that kind of movie. Slapstick gore combined with snappy humour is what drives this sequel to strive to be better than its proceeder, and it is this fantastic mix of wit, gore and chaos that proves (just like The Purge Anarchy) that any horror sequel has the potential to out-do the first, just as long as it has the balls to do so; Red vs. Dead certainly has the balls, and once you see them bomb a baby to crushing a child with a tank you will learn just that. Although completely ridiculous, the beauty is that Red vs. Dead isn't trying to be a serious horror experience, in fact it thrives to be the complete opposite, and it is this fantastic direction that differentiates Red vs. Dead from the rest of the genre; The horror gem of the year, the comedy horror since Zombieland.


Honorable Mention : As Above So Below
Before actually falling in love with the trailer and concept, you have to give credit to the simplistic yet eerie one sheet that, for me, is the selling point of the film. There may be nothing we haven't seen before here, but it just looks incredibly chilling; and why else would you watch a horror movie at the end of the day.

5. Clown
This may be an invalid reason for most, but it's about a killer clown, and if there is one thing that terrifies me the most on this earth (other than spiders of course) is in fact clowns, and ones who have a lust for getting stabby with innocent victims. On the side of this is actually a conventional story that's gear has been shifted, so we might actually get a film that is both frightening and original; and these days that seems to be a lot to ask for.

4. VHS: Viral
If your anyone who is anyone of the horror genre fan club then you have seen or at least heard of V/H/S, the ever-so explosive anthology found-footage horror franchise that ventures from an aliens to zombies to a girl who has an appetite for late night male hunks. The franchise in general is all very exuberant, and hopefully Viral will be able to carry on the legacy and deliver yet another bonkers, off-the-wall anthology experience that blows the previous two out of the water; V/H/S/2 might just be too hard to beat...

3. 7500
This one from the creator of Ju-On has been sitting around for years without any relevant news on a soon-to-be release for either DVD or cinema; in fact it went so quiet that people literally forgot about it's existence. This could be excused if the film looked far from palpable, but the truth is that 7500 has always looked pretty damn good and hellah' creepy. 7500 is due a release later this year, and that's if it isn't once again pushed to the side to build even more dust; True Blood is coming to an end, so Ryan Kwanten is gonna want people to still remember him.

2. Annabelle
If i were to do this list a month ago before seeing the first official list, Annabelle wouldn't have even came close. The whole idea of a spin-off is something that I am strongly against in the genre, especially when it was rooted from the origin film bagging a heck of a lot of cash. However, after forcing myself to watch the trailer due to admittedly being genuinely freaked from the Annabelle doll in the start-up, I was completely shocked in the best way possible, and the trailer had proven that there is more to this character (or, doll) than we had ever thought. The trailer was both deeply chilling and surprisingly innovative, and it's that path which has intrigued me the most. This will scare, and this might impress, but all I know is that Annabelle might have be able to achieve scariest film of the year.

1. [REC]4: Apocalypse
[REC], for me is one of the strongest zombie franchises of all time (and yes, I am including Romero's bunch of the Dead's), and certainly the best the EU has brought in terms of horror films. The [REC] series thus far has been pretty impressive, branching out making both the zombie and found-footage sub-genres scary again.. so It would be no surprise to all if [REC] 4: Apocalypse continued the franchise with more gory delight, improving on an already impressive horror franchise. This is hoping of course and that this installment doesn't buckle, as [REC] is one franchise we can all agree that we'll be rooting for to the bitter end.

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