15 Aug 2014

The Walking Dead - Reasons Why Daryl Dixon Should Be Gay

The Walking Dead is one of the top shows on television, bringing in a hell of a lot of viewers each and every week it on AMC (Fox for UK viewers). Both horror lovers and everyday watcher tune in to see zombies getting minced and blood being splattered, but alongside this is the fantastic characters that established the show for being more than just a "zombie show". It's the characters and the frequent unpredictability that grabs the punters every week, and no character does more so like Daryl Dixon, played by the bad-ass Norman Reedus.

This was all brought about from Robert Kirkman himself, in which he said "All I can say is that it’s been discussed. We have very specific ideas about Daryl’s sexuality (or the seeming lack thereof), and if there’s ever a quiet period in the show where he’s not consistently distracted by crossbowing… we’ll tackle it in the show.”

So, here are my reasons why Daryl Dixon being gay is right for The Walking Dead

It Will Be Something New For the Show to Grasp

The Walking Dead is typically known for its flashy zombie kills and drastic character decisions, so to reveal that everyone's favourite crossbow-wielding Daryl Dixon is gay would be a nice addition to the show. It wouldn't necessarily be a twist as so, but it would certainly catch people by surprise, but that's what the show is known for, it's element of surprise. Nobody would have thought it yet it's something that would make sense for the character and even the show itself. A show like this wouldn't normally battle this sort of character, a bad-ass redneck homosexual, but it's cool, and if we are in a day and age were homosexuality is "normal", then this character decision should be no problem for the show and the fans. In fact, it might just make things a lot more interesting.

It Builds on his Character

When thinking about it, you wouldn't pin Daryl Dixon being gay, it's just something that wouldn't have crossed your mind; but it's things like this that will bring more depth to (sorry to say) a pretty one-dimensional character. This of course could be an unfair judgement but i am directing this to most of the season as he is simply known for the saving the day by being in the right place at the right time poppin' arrows in the heads of any stumbling walker. We have however got a look into his past that is brought around in each season. We know he had an abusive childhood, we know his relationship with Merle was dysfunctional, we know that his upbringing was something of misfortune, so for this being the reason of Daryl' closeted sexuality all this time it would make perfect sense.

It certainly would have been frowned upon by his brother Merle so him being out of the equation for so long would give Daryl more time to be himself, therefore for him to "come out" very soon would more or less explain itself; i mean rednecks has a stereotype for having a strong disliking for homosexuals, so at the fear of loosing everything years before and even now, it would make sense if that was the reason Daryl kept it to himself. His is growing even closer to Rick so he could be the one that Daryl spills to.

It Will Explain His Lack of Female Contact

Each season and each year fans speculate about who Daryl Dixons new tickle is. For the long run and maybe still to this day people have said Carol, simply because he was always there for her and she was there for him; it would have made perfect sense if them two had bumped uglies and fell in love. Then however we seen a spark between him and Beth that fans raved about for ages and still to this day think of the two long episodes they spent together. Logically however she would have bee too young for him anyways, but it's the zombie apocalypse so i think all rules by that stage would have been non-existent, and even though we seen Daryl get closer to the females of the group, not once did he try anything; and he's a guy so that especially doesn't make sense.

So, for him to be gay would more or less prove all those theories wrong and that he just likes the female company. Him being gay would also make a hell of a lot of sense for him not trying to slip the tongue with any of the campus hotties, especially for him being so masculine and buff, and more or less a complete chick magnet (maybe just for the fans though). This would be more reason for making him gay, cause lets face it he would have been the last one we would have pointed the finger at. A mad, zombie killing crossbow expert who is gay? Cool; it sounds like a new trend...

Because, Why Not!

Yeah! So what if Daryl is gay! Is it actually going to make a difference? If Daryl lost fans because of it is something that would obviously ridiculous, but he is too cool for that to happen, therefore it would be taken on board and played off in the best of ways. It would make Mr. Dixon a lot more interesting and would enhance his characters back story. It's different and it's interesting, and it would also give the gay community more reason to love the show! A hunky zombie killer who is a tough as nails; now that sounds like the type of guy you would find on the front of Gay Times. We love you Daryl for better or for worse, for gay or for straight.

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